Accuphase A60/Accuphase A45

best one Accuphase A60 stereo operation or two A45 in monophonic operation?

Closed question.
I once owned a pair of Accuphase P1000 amps. I used them as bridged mono amps and as stereo amps. It was subtle I assure you but I felt they sounded better in stereo mode. I now use one A60. I can't comment on what a pair of A45's would sound like but I doubt they would sound as sweet as a single A65. If high power isn't necessary you may be better served with the one stereo amplifier.
I just bought an Accuphase DP-77 SACD Player and a Accuphase Pure Class A A-45. They sound great. However, I plan to buy a pair of Sonus Faber Extremas. I loved the design and the sound from these speakers. They are old but their sound is so sweet and musical. My concern is Extremas are so picky about amps and components set-up, especially power of the amps. I notice that the A-45 amp, as a pure Class A amp, even though it is rated at 45W/channel, it is so powerful and can drive full-size speakers.

However, i am still concerned about its ability to drive speakers such as Extremas. Any comments? please share with me. Thanks
Khanh have you compared the A45 to the A60, and can you advise me on the speaker selection with your amplifier
Sorry. I have not had a chance to compare a45 vs a60 but I have had a chance to listen to a-60 at an Accuphase dealer. They sound similar, sweet and powerful. Very 'accuphase' sound.

I decided to buy a Thiel CS 7.2 instead of Extremas last year. To my surprise, A-45 could drive Thiel CS 7.2 (Flagship model) quite easily even though Thiel speakers are normally hungry for power. I guess that Class-A amps of high-quality like Accuphase's are usually underrated.

Any thoughts or experience?
I once had an A-50V (50 wpc of Class-A) which had absolutely no problem driving Avalon Eidolons and Eidolon Diamonds, both of which are difficult loads. Seemed much more powerful than the rating.
I own a Accuphase A45 for abount one and half year, driving Dynaudio Sapphire with ease. It is a very fine and dynamic enough,very clean yet musical amp. I don't feel any shortage of punch with this amp. I have yet to listen to A60 or A65.
I listen to Plinius SA103 driving Dynaudio contour S3.4 at dealer showroom, plinius sound more lively, smoother and concert hall effect whereas A45 sounds darker, very quiet background with the same power of bass production as SA103.
I have no problem in long hour listening with A45 but I suspect SA103 may have long hour listening fatigue. Any SA103 user please have your opinion. Thank you.
I also own a Accuphase A-45 poweramplifier driving my 3,5
way big floorstanders from Audiovector(SR-6)giving a very
rich detailed dynamic sound with great microdynamic and
deep stage perspective.It can even drive my speakers to very high soundlevels for exampel Bruckners symphony no.7
Mahler symphony no.8 I have listened to A-65 and must say
they are very similar to A-45 but give more of everything.
My loudspeakers have a sensitivity of 92dB so A-45 is enough for me.
I own an A-45 since NOvember Last year. It drives Tannoy Glenair 10 with ease. No preamp but a Coincident Statement Phonostage (4x 12 AX7 tubes) with 1 Line for my SACD player. and phono of course for my Micro Seiki turntable.
The amplifier set replaces my previous Accuphase E-250 integrated amplifer. I'm very satisfied with this clear, transparent and neutral character that gets a bit "warmed up" through the Tannoys. Deep and wide soundstage with dark background as stated by previous reactions. Especially female voices and string instruments like cello and violin sound almost as s live performance...well... kind of...
Now looking for a replacer for my Denon SACD player
Any idea?
Enjoy the music.