Accuphase A50V with Sonus Faber Amati

I have seen some A50V being paired with Avalon Edilon which is not exactly amp friendly. Given Amati is more amp friendly than Edilon, will A50V be a good match to Amati?

The other option is to go the opposite extreme and get Pass X600.

What other SS amp should I consider?
I have spoke with a gentleman who had used this combo- he seemed to like it. In fact he had two A-50v's bridged mono and preffered the sound of just one. I believe his moniker here at audiogon is Mfboss try to contact him his name is Mark.
Amati is a amp friendly speaker. Whichever you use will have a good performance with Amati
If you consider Pass amps in the X600 price range, give the XA160 a listen as well. You might or might not like them better. The XA160 has a much lower output rating but it probably still provides more power than you ever need.

I personally use a Pass X350 paired with Avalon Eidolons and I am very happy with that combination.
I'm using Accuphase 75v> Edge NL-10 (225/ch)> SF Electa Amator IIs. I believe the Amatis are less demanding, power wise: I need all the power for rock at concert hall volumes.
I immediately previously had the Pass X250 and it was less impressive than the Edge, though I had a different cdp (Audio Note x3.1), and I had the Pass X2.5 preamp, as well.
Anyhow, the Edge is VERY musical w/the SFs. These three= synergy.
Thanks for the reply. I forgot to mention the information needed for better input. My room is only 14x19, my other equipments are SF Line 3SE, SF Phono 1, VPI Aries 2, Sony SACD. All cables are AQ Diamonds X3 and Clear X3.

I had a Pass X350 and it did not seem to mate well with my pre amp. I am not 100% sure if I want to use tube again.
If the X350 did not work with your system, the X600 will probably neither.