Accuphase A50V Vs. Krell FPB 600

I would like to know your opinion on these two different amplifiers. I currently own Krell FPB 600 and would like to consider replacing them with two Accuphase A50V mono amps. Is it worthed to spend additional huge amount of money for this change?
Thank you for sharing your opinion.
Hi, first the Accuphase A50V is not a monobloc amp, unless you apply the bridged mode. Second, the Krell is a monster (2x600W/8Ohms) amp. Third, the Accuphase is a totally different amplifier than the Krell. So this comparison is pointless!

What's your loudspeaker? You will get better mid and more relaxed sound with the A50V.

Chris, he says "two Accuphase A50V" so he is planning to run them mono. Since when comparing a different amplifier is pointless? IMO, It's very usefull.
While not fully on the topic, this may be of interest. I own an A50V and was some time ago considering buying another unit and using bridged as mono blocks. Two Accuphase dealers I spoke to at the time believed the sound of the amps bridged was inferior to the single stereo amp and suggested that if I was going to go to the expense of buying two units it would be better if I bi-amped though this may not be an option open to you if your speakers have only one set of binding posts. The A50V is great amp by the way(it actually pumps out about 180w into 4 ohms I believe) and very musically satisfying in my predominantly analogue system. I use Wilson Benesch Acts in a medium sized room and achieve very tight and articulate bass, beautifully natural mids and highs with excellent sound stage width, height and depth. It would be worthwhile trying out 1 amp before you jump into 2 but consider bi-amping with 2 if you go down this path.