Accuphase a-70 is a good option?

I have a ayon cd5-s cdplayer (preamplifier included) , I connect directly to mcintosh mc-601 mono amplifier, my speakers are dynaudio c4 confidence.
I want to buy a new amplifier, accuphase a-70 is a good option? Is a upgrade in relation to mcintosh 601?, can drive the dynaudio c4 ?
Accuphase amps pair very well with Dynaudio speakers, and according to my experience are significantly better than the Mcintosh ones. However, whether or not the A-70 has enough power for your C-4 depends on how loud you listen to music and what type of music you listen.

Given the sensitivity of your speakers, my prediction is that you will typically used 2-3 watts. Consequently, the A-70 will break not sweat whatsoever except when playing big-band and large orchestra music. I am saying this because when I listen to large orchestras the meters of my A-65 (the predecessor of A-70) shows variation in the power requirements in the 100-fold and 300-fold interval. My amp does not run out of steam because the sensitivity of my speakers is 105 dB. However, with the C4 (or with most normal speakers for that matter) that will not be possible. The best thing to do is to try the amp in your system.

Good luck and keep us posted!
Dynaudios are a bit difficult to drive...they need an amp that can do a 4 Ohm load. The Accuphase can do this, no problem. But maybe 2 in bridged mode might be better? Or a P-6100?
Two Accuphase power amps in bridged mode is a very good suggestion Dave.
However, to keep the budget close to the price of one A-70 amp I would
recommend two A-46 power amps instead of two A-70.

Two years ago there was a show organised by the Alpha Hi-End shop in Antwerp
where the Dynaudio Consequence speakers where by two A-46 power amps.
(The rest of the electronics were: DP-900/DC-901 player, C-2820 pre and the
PS-1210 power source.) I could not attend this show, but a friend told me that
the A-46 had total commandment over the Consequence speakers. Having said
all this, I still advise the OP to try first the A-70 alone. Sound-wise A-70
should be significantly better than A-46 (or two A-46 for that matter).
Thanks, Nvp. Ok, I understand that. However, if he can afford it, why not? :)

That sounds good. Interesting story. Those amps were run bridged or dual mono? I don't doubt the A-70 would sound better.

Now what's your take on the P-6100? I think that would be the better amp for a Dynaudio.
Orionpcgames, as I have written in my first post in this thread, it depends on the type of music you are listening and how loud are you usually listening to music. We can not help you unless you provide us with this information
I think you should be OK in most circumstances. But, I can't say 100 percent. :D
I've heard both amps. It's definitely an upgrade from the Mac 601's, although in absolute wattage terms, the Mac wins. If low level detail, timbre, and microdynamics matter to you, the Accuphase A -70 is the clear victor
That's cool you did the comparison. I for one, appreciate this. The Accuphase A-70 is significantly higher in price so it should be the winner!
09-16-14: Dave_72
That's cool you did the comparison. I for one, appreciate this. The Accuphase A-70 is significantly higher in price so it should be the winner!
isn't this a ludicrous statement dave_72? you know in audio a high price rarely has anything to do with higher/better performance. Or, did you write this tongue-in-cheek?
For what it's worth, I have no doubt the A-70 will power that system at moderate to loud levels without breaking a sweat.

I have heard Macintosh amps compared to Accuphase amps, but I don't think they're even in the same ballpark TBH. There is nothing an Accuphase A-class amp does not do superbly in my experience. And you should definitely go for one A-70 over two inferior bridged models.

Disclaimer: I own an Accuphase A-60. If I can save up enough money I plan on trading up within a year. My contacts at the stores here in Tokyo told me the A-65 represented minor improvements and was not worth trading up for, but that the A-70 is a significant step forward.
hi Russmonk,

Have you heard of the A-200? I am interested in this amp. Also, what is your opinion regarding the A-200 versus the M-6200?

thank you