Accuphase A-50v OR Goldmund 28m OR Rowland 8TiHC?

I am trying to mate my speakers - Piega 8ltd's with an amp! Right now I have a Rowland Model 10 amp and want to change my set-up around. I am running an Accupahse DP-75v straight into the Model 10 amp. I listen to mostly Rock Music and like to listen to music kind of loud!!! I am using FIM Gold Power cords, spkr cable and Interconnects. I am looking for a dynamic and detailed amp with plenty of balls and a little towards the warmer/richer side of nuetral!
Thanks for any help OR other suggestions!!
With those speakers I would look into the new Tenor solid state amps, I am sure the dual mono would be more then enough to drive your speakers with aplomb. I have heard the Piega P10 tenor 75wI OTL combo is to die for, I am sure the new hybrid tenor's would give you all that with the benefits of more power(i.e. headroom). I have never heard the Goldmund but have been told by many they are amazing, you may also want to consider the large GamuT amps. But if I were you I would pay real close attention to those new tenor's if they are as good as early reports say, I think everyone is in for a real treat!
Goldmund are unbelievable as solid state goes. I can't think of a solid state amp I would rather own. In the past I have owned the Mim 3,6,6.8,8,9 28 and their DAC's pre etc. Even though I am a tube freak it is by far and away the best SS I have heard and I have heard a lot.
I do not sell or represent the line.

Here's my experience re your quest...
"...for a dynamic and detailed amp with plenty of balls and a little towards the warmer/richer side of neutral..."

*Warm side of neutral: Rowland, then A-50v. Goldmund IMO is on the neutral side of neutral...

*Detailed: Goldmund (endless, stable, upper-end), A-50v, Rowland

*Dynamic: Goldmund, Rowland/A-50v.

All are beautiful amps IMO. I would have probably opted for Goldmund with Piega's -- but remember: that's me!
I have the 75V running straight into the A-50V with Avalon Eidolon Diamonds. Previously I owned Eidolons and a Model 10. The A-50V outperformed the Model 10 in every way imaginable and by a significant margin.
Avoid regrets - be sure to audition the Parasound JC-1 monoblocks. I know of systems where they have replaced Rowland, Pass, and so on. One also had auditioned the Accuphase some time ago - he could afford any of these, but he bought JC-1s and has been ecstatic. But then, don't take my word (a dealer's) for it, listen for yourself.

Brian Walsh
Essential Audio
Barrington, IL