Accuphase A-30 or P-3000 for Klipschorns?

Hello music lovers,

I am the proud owner of a beautiful pair of 1992 Klipschorns. I currently have an old Accuphase E-203 integrated (1981), but I'm thinking of going into Accuphase separates. I don't need a lot of power, so an A-30 or a P-3000 would be enough.

I have read pretty much all I can find about these amps on the Internet and the general opinion seems to be that the A-30 is more musical (clearer, warmer, etc.) but the P-3000 has more punch. I want both of these qualities!

Does anyone have any experience from these amps?
Which one do you think would be best for the Klipschorns?

Many thanks for your answers in advance.
P.S. I know that most people recommend tubes for K-horns, but I quite like ss gear, especially Accuphase. Nice and sweet.
Greetings newmember Newmont: while I've not heard either of your amp choices paired with my Belles, I have always preferred dynamics & headroom so I'd probably opt for the higher power amp. "You don't need a lot of power" I guess that depends on how you define 'a lot'? For my listening preferences I've always liked to use about 200 watts per channel with these speakers. A 100 w/ch Ayre V3, while warm-ish sounding, still runs out of gas when listening at higher SPL's. I'm currently using the C275+P450 Accuphase combo with highly satisfying results both musically & dynamically. Accuphase (as well as some other manufacturers') mosfet designs sound great paired with the high-sensitivity Klipsch designs.
Thanks for your advice, Bob_bundus.
I have read several rave postings about the A-30 or the E-530 for K-horns as well as less efficient speakers. My musical preferences lean towards rock, so I'm a big fan of dynamics. Since you get quite a lot of warmth from the Accuphase class AB amps as well, on top of the dynamics, perhaps they would be a better choice than the pure class A designs. Then again, with a sensitivity of 104 dB, one rarely puts more than a watt into the speakers. One should think that the A-30 was enough... And since the output stage of such an amp is constantly driven, it should be faster than a class AB design. If only one could try them out in my system...

By the way, are you sure that the P-450 uses MOS-FET transistors in the ouput stage? I thought it was a bipolar design.
Bipolar always sounds better and is used in all the very hi-end amps over 3-5000.00 if you look and part of this is opinion and part is fact,, But I would absolutly suggest MCINTOSH amps vs. Anything with Klipsch, but accuphase is very close in there, but Ayre and things are also good choice's, Best synergy is always with mCintosh and klipsch from all combo's I have heard, very warm and smooth, some amps get too anylitical with horns so if your trying to buy used period cause you want to save cash and cannot audition, you are almost guaranteed to have excellent result with mcintosh amps in this situation. I no longer own Klipsch or Mcintosh, but did and it is very satisfying for that level of equipment.
I own Khorns and use them with Mac ss gear and it works great, also use linn gear with them and it also sounds nice, never heard Accuphase but it sure looks good. With K horns the better the amp the better they sound, watts is really irrelevant. I also use tubes with Khorns and they really can fly. Don't rule out tubes, the beauty here is you might be able to do both. Khorns to me sound best with a nice el 34 based amp. There are many out there and they are not expensive. I use VTL with them and they really sing, I also have 2 restored Dynaco st70s...mighty nice and not is a curve ball...try the VTL IT 85 int. tube amp...really nice...not big $$ either, hope this helps.
Welcome Newmount.
As you can see from my sytem I am very happy with Accuphase gear. Great equipment.
As for my opinion I suggest the P-3000, it will rock your speakers with great sound. And you wiil buy a future proof amp, in case you change your set of speakers.
you should look at the Accuphase A60 class A power amp.It has 60Watt into 8 Ohms and if you ever need more power you can bridge the amp, get a second unit and use them as monos with 240Watt per channel pure class A. How does that sound ?
To use anything other than a tube amp with these speakers would be crazy.They will brutally reveal just how flawed transistor amps sound.Even a Sonic Impact T amp would sound a lot better[digital]and be free of the transistor nasties.

the a30 would be great.....macs and accuphase strangly enough work well with klipsch. lots of ss designs, as mentioned above are a trainwreck with these classic speakers