accuphase 75 vs. electrocompaniet mk11


i am now looking at both of these machines used and was curious as to people's thoughts. the accuphase is probably 4 or 5 years old and the electrocompaniet is the new version.

feedback would be most appreciated.

thanks in advance

dan karan
I am currently using a Conrad Johnson MF 2300 amp; Conrad Johnson pv12 pre-amp; Linn Basik turntable; Thiel 3.6 speakers. My current cd player that i am looking to upgrade is the Meridian 506.20.

thanks again in advance for the advise.
dkonstruction: tho i'm a well-known fan of accuphase, i think you'd be better served with the electrocompaniet. the dp-75 is outmoded technology, having been replaced by the 75v in mid-1999. the electro. is one of the very best cdp's i've heard in its price range, and beyond. -cfb
We have had the Accuphase in house when we did a shootout among some of the great players like the Audio Aero, Linn, Eclipse, Audio Meca Mephisto 2, Wadia and EMC 1 with upgrade We tried to get the new Accupahse but no one in this area had one.
As great as the old Accuphase was the new players were all better. Go with a 24/192 upsampling player and you will be very pleased. The EMC 1 with upgrade is a great player. There is no EMC 2 it is what people are calling the upgraded player.
Cornfedboy: How would you compare the Electrocompaniet (with upgrade) with the Accuphase DP-75v? Would you purchase a used 75v or a new Electro? Mike
mike: my a/b comparison of the electro (w/ upgrade) to the 75v leads to my quite personal preference for the 75v. my preference is based on the 75v run direct to the amp (accuphase a-50v); hence, if your only source is digital (the 75v can be upgraded to decode, but not play, sacd), you can skip a pre in your setup. with the electro and 75v both run through a boulder 2010, the differences between the cpd's are more difficult to judge, tho, IMO, the 75v comes out just barely ahead.

FWIW, i've been doing comparative listening over the past week to the accuphase dp-85 (playing redbook) and the boulder 1012, used as both a dac/pre and pre only. i'm hoping to garner enough play time to write a mini review. i can tell you, however, that at this level, there are more similarities between digital components than differences. as an aside, i've a/b'd the 85 and 75v. to my ears, the dp-85 playing redbook is noticeably more detailed than the 75v (the 85 has what i'd describe as a “hotrodded" version of the upsampling circuity/dac in the 75v). -cfb
Cornfedboy, let us know on the DP-85, I thought it was the best CD/SACD player at CES (IMHO) and am interested in one, but very $$$ ..Would this player eliminate a DAC ?

mzn50: the accuphase dp-85 plays AND decodes redbook cd's and sacd's. thus, you'd not need another dac unless you wished to play the handful of dvd-a's so far available or any multi-channel digital audio sources. i'm still going thru my listening notes comparing the dp-85 to the boulder 1012. here's one conclusion i've reached: the differences between a redbook cd and an sacd of the same title played through the boulder are almost non-existent. no way will i invest in sacd playback unless and until more discs are offered that are originally recorded with 24/96 or higher sampling rates. -cfb
I agree with Cornfedboy. After many an hour of comparison along with my balding buddy Jcbtubes, we came to the same conclusion as The Cornfedboy.
To Sanctuary of Sound writer: If you're going to put such a teaser on this thread (the "shootout"), then at least give more details about what you heard among those CDP's. I realize you may be reluctant to comment on brands that you don't carry, and if so then please don't contribute to this forum which is supposed to be free of profit motivations. But it should be possible to describe relative sonic differences ("flavors") among the players you listed, even when all are very good.
I really like my EMC-1 MkII, and can get the MkII Upgrade 24/192 DAC Kits directly for $600. So ANY used EMC-1 out there for $2k can be made into an amazing Redbook player for under $3k investment. Wish the damned remote were nicer, though....