Accuphase 109V tuner vs T-1000?

I have a 109V and it is very good. Is the newer T-1000 even better? Anyone who have compared them?
haven't heard the 109V but have had a T-1000 about 1 year. i feel i still haven't explored its full potential, but at times it's almost eerily real. if the cash isn't a big deal and you want a great tuner, i'd say go for it, no way you'll be sorry
Do you use it analog out or digital out to a DAC?
Whats the difference to the sound if any?
analog out only
I owned the actual Accuphase 109V that Jim Rivers borrowed for the tuner shootout. It's a wonderful tuner. I currently own the Accuphase T-1000 and it too is a wonderful tuner. If you have truly excellent FM stations where you live, it's worth the upgrade. If not, be satisfied with the 109V. It's very, very good.
I bougth the T-1000 and its really good even better than 109V.
When our state owned radio Swedish Radio, SR, sends classical concerts live direct from Berwaldhall here in Stockholm it is perhaps THE best source you can have.

In some test the dig out to DAC was prefered. How can a analog tuner get better when it goes digital?