Accupahse DP-55V

Anyone hear this? How does it compare to the DP-75V (is it even close?) and more importantly to other players or combos like EMC1, AA, or opus 21? Or 2 boxers like CEC+DAC?
One of the better players from Accuphase, not in the level of 75V, but very comparable with others...Linn Genki,Ikemi,EMC1,Audiomeca...with a touch of the Japanese sound(deatail over emotion)
Surely a loser when comparing to DP75V, EMC1 MKII, these are different class product. EMC1 more LP feel, whereas DP75V more digital feel.

CEC CDT+Dac sounds also very like LP, but wil be expensive and space consuming comparatively, also I think CEC belt drive response not fast enough.