Accordian licks

Anyone got any good suggestions on some really tasty accordion playing in some jazz, rock or indie music besides Loreena McKennitt. Not looking for any true polka stuff.
Ivo Papasov & His Wedding Band.....look for some live recordings from this type of act circa 2006, or so.
Get the Max Nagl CD Flamingos on the Hatology label. The accordion playing by Otto Lechner is crazy good. Awesome jazz!
David Hidalgo of Los Lobos! He also played accordion (great contribution to the sound) on Dylan's Together Through Life.
Accordeon or Accordion or Accordian?

I play accordeon and love to listen to it as well. Very nice sounding acoustic instrument with huge possibilities to replace whole small band. Was experimenting it with drummer only, with trumpet and violin. Also formed 3-piece band with trombonist and drummer. No bassist necessity as accordeon has bass buttons.

My top current picks of greatest maestros of today:

Jazz button accordeon: Eduard Ahanov

Classical button accordeon: Alexander Hrustevitch -- no match see to believe:

Accordiion Spectacular by Charles Camilleri
Jo Basile -- Rome with Love.

Sophisticated and avantgard jazz on CD
Caveman Hughscope;
DakhaBrakha -- Life

Modern folk records/cds with accordion:
Japonize Elephants -- there are 4 albums released
Joseph Tawardos/Richard Bona -- Chamelions of the White Shadow
Here's a very nice recording of Richard Galliano playing Bach that I can highly recommend. Have not heard his other releases.
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Many of the top Zydeco bands feature great accordion players. Some, like Clifton Chenier and Boozoo Chavis might better known, but I'd start with Zachary Richard. Snake Bit Love, Women In The Room, and Fatras (Live In Montreal) are all terrific, IMHO. As a bonus, Fatras features some smoking guitar from a very young Sonny Landreth.
Thanks all you guys. I love this sound sprinkled in my playlists. Astor Piazolla's bandenoen has astounded me for years. I saw Buckwheat Zydeko live and saw Clifton Chenier no show in Philadelphia. But now you've given me some more folks to look into.
Anyone familiar with Renzo Ruggier? The accordian project? I just ordered these two based on some samples I researched.
Beirut-March of the Zapotek
Czarivey, that video just blew me away. I'll never try to play my guitar again. I can't believe how calm the audience was. He's off the chart.
Jhardy, I'm working with his management to bring him to our audiences at Raleigh NC at this moment. I think I can book venue for 3,000 people. If there will be more venues for him in US, then he'll go tour USA.
Ry Cooder--Live Chicken Skin Music, with Flaco Jimenez.
Look up "Kepa Junkera" who may have videos on YouTube.
Try Mare Nostrum by Paolu Fresu and Richard Galliano and Jan Lundgren. Galliano is just awesome.

I've got to get more of his stuff
Forgot to mention extraordinary accordion artist mostly performing experimental and avangard -- Kimmo Pohjonen.
He's the part of band called KTU with Tony Levin on bass or stick bass(King Crimson)
enjoy his jazz fest video: