Accessory Wall Wart Removal Ideas?

For my home theater system have 6 different accessories that use wall warts, 2 IR Remote control power supplies, cable power booster, Fan power supply, Arcam irDOC power supply and a temperature gauge. Is there any way to run all of these off of one power supply so that I am not overwhelmed with multiple power strips?

If I were to ask someone to build me one what would I tell them and do you have any recommendations on suppliers?

Thanks very much for you help.
Try Chris at BPT. I'm sure he'll have ideas.

The first thing to do is figure out the voltage output and amperage of each wall wart. If you were lucky enough to have a bunch of 9 volt power supplies, a guitarist's pedal board power supply might be the ticket. Seems like most audio related wall warts are 12 volt though. Something like this can replace four power supplies:
Have you looked at a transformer with a variable output? That would allow you to boost voltage to compensate for amperage draw. Check, or
The problem you have is the need for a plurality of various low power needs, some of which are AC, but some wall warts are DC as well, depending on the device and manufacturer. You may need to have all these electrically isolated from each other (to avoid ground loops in interconnected devices), which makes powering the devices from the same supply difficult. So, while you can re-package a bunch of seperate transformers into a single chassis, it won't really solve the problem. You can blame the manufacturers of these devices for this quandry, as designing with an outboard wall wart is cheaper than the old fashioned method of builing in a transformer in each product.

The shear number of voltage combnations and current/power requirements may make a universal, multiple output device impractical or unecessarily expensive, as you would have to design for the higher power requirements as a default.

So would another box with a plurality of AC outputs really solve your problem, replacing a AC voltage strip with another box?
This is what I was trying to replace.

Input 120V AC 60hz 10W
Output 9V DC 500mA

Input 100-120v 50/60hz 0.2a
Output 6.0V 600mA

Input 100-120v 50/60hz 300mA
Output 12v 500ma

Input 100-240v 50/60hz 150mA
Output 5V 1000mA

I guess since all the outputs are so different it doesn't make sense to make a change.