Accessing your playlist information on various services

This is a really interesting chart from Soundiiz.

It shows you the access Soundiiz has to YOUR playlists on different music services. On some, it is read only. That means you can get data out (but have no way of adding). On some, the access is restricted, i.e. Youtube Music does not seem to support Album information (which could make matching songs difficult).  On several more audiophile services, i.e. Tidal, Qoboz, access is full and bidirectional. Even Spotify gives you full access to your information.

It could be useful information for picking a service. I like the concept of Amazon Music, but without an API, would be a major pain to get data into it (or out of it). I know there are other services, but I expect the limitations are similar.
To be careful with services such as Amazon HD. Curate a huge list of music on their service and you could have a hard time moving that information to another service. Ditto if you want to move to Amazon HD. I probably have 100+ hours (or more) into my playlists. This is a significant time investment.