Acarian Systems Black Orpheus Speaker Cable

Has anyone ever heard of / tried this cable before? What did you think of it?
Used them on Alon IV speakers. I thought for the money they were very good. Tried other wires and found that improvements did not justify additional cost.
Only draw back is I thought the highs were slightly zippy. However that could have been the tweeter natural tendency. Give it a try. Good luck.
Using them tri-wired with Alon V Mk II+ and I doubt I would better them anywhere near the price. They were substantially better than AQ Type 4+ and DH Labs T-14/Q-10 in a tri-wire set up. BTW, the DH Labs were pretty good wires for the price. I like the tonal balance and flow, and I do not have the "zippy highs" problem posted above. Good luck.
I use them on Alon Lotus SE's and find them to be excellent. I also don't have a problem with zippy highs. If you need a tri-wire cable these are a no-brainer. A comparable tri-wire from a "cable manufacturer" would be dramatically more expensive.
i have had good luck with monster 2.4s with my alon II's.

it was better than the tara bired shotgun master generation cable ($2200) and harmonic tech, xlo, and zen in my system.

i would be very tempted to try them if i could audition them first. especially for alon speakers...carl does things for a reason and his products are very revealing..

good listening,

Currently using them with Alon IVs tri-wired 8 foot. They were a dramatic improvement in clarity and imaging over the DIY cat5 tr-wire harness I had been using before.

Mark H
I've used the bi wire version with the Alon MkIIs and they sounded great. The bi wire version of Wireworld Equinox III were a little better but they cost twice as much. In the end, I purchased the Wireworld but still have the Orpheus cables around as backup.