Acarian - Alon IV vs. Alon V mkII

Hi all. I'm considering trying out one of these - is there anyone who has owned/experienced both and could highlight the sonic differences.

Thanks. Chip

I was an early Alon customer, purchasing a pair of Alon IIs in 1993, prior to any of the reviews. I chose the IIs over the IV because they were a better fit in my smaller listening room. The IV is a little larger, and plays a little deeper. My room size is 15' x 18'.

Prior to the Alon II, I had Apogee Duettas and Vandersteen 2c speakers. For me, the Alons were keepers, and I listened to them ten years. When I changed speakers, it was primarily due to my desire to try something different.

For the price, these speakers are very, very good. Everyone, most importantly me, liked the speakers in my system. When I finally sold them, many friends remarked how much they enjoyed listening to music through the IIs.

Ten years ago, I listened primarily to rock. Now I listen mostly to classical (80%). They work well on both genres of music. Open baffle mid-range and sealed bass, too. I have better speakers now, but for the money, either of these is wonderful.

The IV's will need a fairly large room.I believe the V's will be more refined,but you would have to be able to A/B them to hear the difference I suspect.I have heard the Alon line extensively,and have owned several pairs of the II's,which are unbeatable for the money.One last tip: Many of the units can be damaged in shipment,so factory boxes are pretty important.
The point Tracer made is true I went throught 3 pairs of the Alon 2' s before the dealer got Me a pair not damaged. As to the other question between Alon 4 or Alon 5 go for the 5 MK 2 or 3 the 3 being much better. I would also think about getting the alnico tweeters for the 5's they already have the alnico mids. That makes a huge difference in the sound much more than the alnico woofers. I own Alon 5 MK 1 that I have upgraded to all alnico drivers and after 10 or so years living with them I still love them. The Alon 5 's are a little less fussy to set up in a room the 4 ' s need a big room
We use Alon IV's in the studio, in a small room, and they sound spectacular. Granted, we have thousands of $$ of acoustical treatments going on.
What kinds of treatment you did to the Alon IV. Would you let us know how you set them up. I am using Alon IV, right now I am biamping with SF power 3 monos to the low and Cary V121 for mid and high. My room size is 14.5 x 30 and only 7' high.
I agree w/most of what's been said. IMHO the IV is a little bottom-heavy, and the V is much better balanced, and with slimmer dimensions, easier to place in most rooms. For a used speaker, they are definitely one of the better values available. The II is one of my favs for $700-800. Cheers,
I have Alon Mark V Type II and upgraded with the Circe woofers. They are much smoother and sweeter than the IV's which get a bit broad. However, I believe the IV's are better if you are multichannel. I have the V's for about 10 years and they still amaze me!
How did a man named Marchiotto(Correct spelling?), come up with the name "Alon by Acarian"?