Acapella LaCampanella ?

A few months ago I heared the Acapella Campanile speakers. And they made a very profound impression on me....
My listening room is a lot smaller (15ft wide, 8ft high and 25ft deep) and the listening distance is 10ft.
Power amp: Lamm M1.1 (hybrid 100W class A monoblocks).

Would the LaCampanella show some of the magic of the Campanile ? Your comments please ?
Yes for sure, they are great if you can afford them. I listened to them during the CES05 and they were great. The room was not big either and I was sitting about 6-8 feet from the speakers. However, I also think that the whole set up was great. Tube all the way from Einstein..
good luck.
Don't know how they sound, but the name sure does roll off the tongue quite nicely........
We have both pairs of speakers at Epic Audio in Houston, TX and would welcome you to audition them. The LaCampanella are in a room that is 19'x25'x8'. They fill the room very nicely with wonderful music and image very well. The Campanile are in a room that is 19'x25'x11'(vaulted ceiling). They also sound wonderful and have an excellent sound stage. The Lamm amp would be a superb choice for either pair of speakers.

Best wishes and good listening.

I also thought the LaCampanella sounded fabulous at CES 2005. A Maria Callas track took my breath away.

I just noticed this thread. If anyone is interested, I have had the LaCampenellas for four months now. While I grant that my little Reimyo PAT777 with its 8 watts is deficient on a 92 db speaker, I love the sound I am getting. There is no sense with the LaCampanellas of the beautiful plasma tweeter, but the sound is absolutely seamless. On hearing the other Acapellas, I always thought "gosh that is a great tweeter." It stood out as the best part of the speakers.

I do use a Murata supertweeter and find it adds greatly even if the LaCampanellas supposedly go out to 35k Hz,
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