Acapella LaCampanella ?

A few months ago I heared the Acapella Campanile speakers. And they made a very profound impression on me....
My listening room is a lot smaller (15ft wide, 8ft high and 25ft deep) and the listening distance is 10ft.
Power amp: Lamm M1.1 (hybrid 100W class A monoblocks).

Would the LaCampanella show some of the magic of the Campanile ? Your comments please ?

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I just noticed this thread. If anyone is interested, I have had the LaCampenellas for four months now. While I grant that my little Reimyo PAT777 with its 8 watts is deficient on a 92 db speaker, I love the sound I am getting. There is no sense with the LaCampanellas of the beautiful plasma tweeter, but the sound is absolutely seamless. On hearing the other Acapellas, I always thought "gosh that is a great tweeter." It stood out as the best part of the speakers.

I do use a Murata supertweeter and find it adds greatly even if the LaCampanellas supposedly go out to 35k Hz,