Acapella LaCampanella ?

A few months ago I heared the Acapella Campanile speakers. And they made a very profound impression on me....
My listening room is a lot smaller (15ft wide, 8ft high and 25ft deep) and the listening distance is 10ft.
Power amp: Lamm M1.1 (hybrid 100W class A monoblocks).

Would the LaCampanella show some of the magic of the Campanile ? Your comments please ?

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We have both pairs of speakers at Epic Audio in Houston, TX and would welcome you to audition them. The LaCampanella are in a room that is 19'x25'x8'. They fill the room very nicely with wonderful music and image very well. The Campanile are in a room that is 19'x25'x11'(vaulted ceiling). They also sound wonderful and have an excellent sound stage. The Lamm amp would be a superb choice for either pair of speakers.

Best wishes and good listening.