AC regenerator

Can i use ac regenerator for my cd transport whitout loosing dynamic. If your experience is positive give the brand and model that you use please.
I use a PS Audio P300 power plant with nothing but positive results. I was using the P300 with an old Rotel player (being used as a transport) and now with a PerfectWave transport. No dynamics lost with either piece of kit.
I use the PS PPP with a Meridian 200 transport and it sounds much better than from wall current even though I have 2 dedicated lines and Oyaide AC receptacles.
I get better dynamics with my CD player and amp plugged into the PurePower 2000 re-generator than to the wall.
Believe the posts about PS Audio regenerators. I wouldn't be without one.
PS Audio P500. Worked absolute wonders on my dCS P8i. Very highly recommended.
I experience awesome sonic results with the Balance Power Technology BP-3.5 Signature Plus Power Regenerators. I have 2 dedicated 20A circuits and plug a regenerator to each circuit. I plug one Class A mono block to each regenerator and split the remaining equipment between the 2 regenerators. I purchased with the option of upgraded Teflon V-Caps Teflon V-Caps. By the way these units can provide continuous 20A and peaks of 60A of power.

The BPT products are isolation balanced AC power transformers(I don`t think they`re regenerators).
I use the BP3.5 SIG. Plus unit for my entire system. Dynamics are much improved compared to my wall outlets(20 amp dedicated lines). I`ve had mine for nearly 3 years and every aspect of sound quality- music reproduction is substantially better(no negative trade offs). It benefits all of my components.
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The BP3.5 SIG does regenerate power. It’s not the same power coming in and going out. It’s considered virgin clean power after it leaves the BP3.5 SIG unit. It regenerates power via a massive toroidal transformer in real time instead of using batteries.
Charles is correct. A transformer does not regenerate power, which is not to say that it won't be a highly effective solution. As properly defined, a regenerator consists of an oscillator that generates a 60Hz sine wave (or 50Hz, depending on the country), and a power amplifier which amplifies that signal so that a large amount of power can be provided. An internal DC power supply operating off of the the AC from the wall outlet (or in some cases batteries, when necessary) powers the oscillator and amplifier.

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Al, thanks for the clarification. the BPT does use a large balanced transformer to convert standard 120v into +60v and -60v AC power.
The bottom line, it works superbly.
AL, I have been enlightened many times by your thoughtful answers to many of these technical questions. I have read a lot about people running devices off of batteries to isolate them from the power grid. A couple of days ago I was thinking, why don't people use UPS back up power supplies for their equipment and just turn off or unplug the UPS before a listening session? Wouldn’t this isolate the components and create the desired effect? And what is the difference between a power regenerator and a UPS? Don't they both regenerate the AC?

Thanks very much, Greg. Those are logical questions, and yes, a UPS is a form of power regenerator.

However, for a number of reasons a conventional UPS would be unsuitable for use with an audio system. Those reasons include:

1)Some of them, especially the inexpensive ones, don’t generate pure sine waves. They generate a stepped approximation to a sine wave, which most likely means that their output has far worse harmonic distortion than is present on the AC that is coming out of the wall.

2)Limited run time. I have 900 watt/1500 volt-amp “pure sine wave” UPS's on a couple of my computers. Their specs indicate a runtime when on batteries of 11 minutes when loaded at half capacity, and 2 minutes at full load. My computer setups each draw about 200 watts when not doing heavy processing. The UPS that is on each of those setups will power them for less than half an hour when on batteries.

3)Lead-acid batteries, which are what are used in conventional UPS’s, don’t like to be subjected to large numbers of deep discharge/charge cycles. That will severely degrade their useful life, as I understand it.

4)I would be concerned about rfi (radio frequency interference) they may generate, which could couple into the audio system either via power cords or through the air. I’ve noticed that an AM portable radio will buzz fairly loudly when brought near my UPS’s.

5)I would also question how well they would respond to high speed fluctuations in current demand that power amplifiers (other than Class A) will require.

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I have also meant many times to express my thanks for your ever informative replies to technical issues, you are very generous with your knowledge..

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I guess I'm the only one who has not had an enthusiastic experience with AC regenerators. I've found restricted dynamics with it in my system despite reviews stating otherwise. However, it did clean up the sound.
What devices do users connect to isolation transformers, or filters, or regenerators? For example, with regeneration: digital, turntables, preamps, but not amps because of dynamics loss?

Power conditioning is in my to-do list. So far I only have 2 dedicated lines into 2 aluminum boxes housing good outlets and then good power cords.

^^^I run PS Audio Power Plant Premier power regenerators in my system. 1 for each monoblock amp and another, the P5 newer version for my other components. The PPP puts out 900 watts continuous. Each power amp consumes 300 watts continuous at full class A bias. There is absolutely no loss of dynamics/performance.
Currenly have both PS audio P10 and Purepower 2000 +additional battery pack. Both are better than wall AC for most of my electronics except power amps. I have 4% THD from the wall (dedicated subpanel).

Some electronics are better on one over the other.

Best sound is thru Purepower disconnected from the wall running purely off the battery. (0.8% THD). WIth the additional battery pack, I can last 90min just running the preamp and the phono. However, after 45mins or so, music loses dynamics. I suspect as the battery capacity is dminished, the output imped goes up and reduace current delivery. Each regen., has its own issues so different results with different electronics are expected. They will react differently to different artifacts.

Recently tried a bunch: isolation transformers, PPP, RSA adimitri, shunyata talos.