AC regeneration and power conditioners

Does anyone have any experience of using an AC regenerator such as a PS labs P300 together with a power conditioner? Are there any added benefits/problems and which should come first in the chain? Thanks for your opinion.
There is no reason to use a Power conditioner after a Power Plant 300. What comes out of a regenerator is essentially perfect power and every time I tried a filter after a regenerator it compressed then sound. Regenerators and devices that output new 120 volt 60Hz power (Exact Power 2000) are clearly the way to go and if you have a regenerator, filters and dedicated lines are basically a waste of money.
I disagree in part. Dedicated lines, and updgrading power cords still help regenerators. These are basically amplifiers that work at one frequency, and they can benefit from dedicated lines, cords etc that increase the flow of AC that they use to re-generate new AC.
I really distrust that word "perfect" - how many times do we have to be fooled by the marketers?
Perhaps Dan was thinking of inserting a filtering device BEFORE the PSAudio? Yes that might help in addition to dedicated lines, upgrade AC cords, vibration control... The only way to find out though, is to experiment in your own lab. Just because (something / anything) helps at your house doesn't mean the same thing will happen at another place, but ya'll knew that!