AC PWR cable to PWR Conditioner???

Does it make alot of sense to buy a quality power cable when it will go directly to a power conditioner? I have a Monster Cable Conditioner that has a hard wired heavy duty power cord so I cannot replace it....easily. Thanks for your inputs!
I've been wondering the same thing. If i ever get my act together, i'll be doing some measurements on various power cables in terms of noise floor, etc... Having looked at the design configuration of the stock cord, it could probably be improved in theory. Given the fact that the Monster pretty much reduced all of the noise on the line down to nothing it might be of little benefit though. The less filtered plugs, like those for an amp, might be the ones that benefit the most from doing something like that. That is, if you plug your amp into a Monster or other similarly designed PLC. Sean
My experience is that there is as much audible difference with power cords on my line conditioner as there is with any of the other components. As usual, it's try and listen to them within your own system.
Yes it will help. How much are you going to spend? I would spend the money on a better conditioner instead a new cord. The Monsters are fine for an under $200 condition, but there is better out their like Vansevers, Chang Lightspeed, Audio Power.
As to quality of sound -- I doubt. Power tweaks are mostly to be designed to reduce or eliminate power hum.
yes it certainly could help: some PLC makers (Chang Lightspeed for one) offer optional-upgrade heavier-gauge AC input cords on their conditioners. Theirs are hardwired & so must be ordered accordingly, or else sent back in for the upgrade. Other PLC's such as VansEvers have an IEC so you can install a cord of your own. I'm not sure about having an upgrade cord on the PLC's input & then more upgrade cords on the AC outputs to your components. You'd need to experiment to find the right combination, & the optimum cords likely wouldn't necessarily all be the same although they *might* be.
Using a single upgrade cord at the PLC input does not mean that you can get away with only stock cords on the outputs though, if that's what you're proposing.
I agree with Bob in terms of folks trying to "cheap out" by using a "hi-tech" power cord to feed the PLC and then use "stock" cords to all of the components. Even if the "good" cord and PLC minimize the incoming AC noise to an acceptable level, the stock cords still make excellent antennas for RF while radiating a magnetic field around them. Sean
I played with this dilema just last week and had a sceptical but interested friend sitin . My old setup was a Tice AV solo conditioner with hardwired factory cord in standard wall outlet runing an integrated tube amp; transport and a Dac all with manufacturer standard cords. The 3 new variables were 3 new seperate dedicated lines; one PC lab cable 2; one PC mini lab cable. Experiment 1:Old setup ie Tice into house outlet vs old setup with Tice into dedicated line. Dedicated line gave marked improvement, lowering of the noise floor, greater sound stage. Experiment 2: PC lab cable 2 and mini lab cable between integrated amp and Tice vs directly into dedicated line. The PC lab cable 2 into the dedicated line won out with greater sound stage yet, improved bass, less noise. When both of the power cords were tried on the tice the sound stage got smaller and some of the detail was lost, piano sounded too soft, not enough crispness. Experiment 3: PC mini lab cable from Dac to Tice vs dedicated line. Dedicated line won out with a better overall balance and a less veiled, natural sound. Now I am hearing a lot more detail with the noise reduction and there is no fatigue. Hope this helps a little.
I just got a Blue Circle BC62 cord in the mail. I switched it first with the Vanevers cord in my Vansevers Ref83 conditioner and the improvement was immediate !! I moved it around to the amp instead and it was better in the conditioner. I guess it improves all the components put on the main.

So the answer like always is to try it yourself and take our comments for what they are (one man's/woman's opinion).

Tg Audio makes a $180 power cord designer just for this purpose, run a search for his product on this sight and check it out