ac power to system

I am preparing to upgrade my system. The speakers are Thiel CS6, everything else will be new. I know I need a high wattage amp. I am not able to run a separate power line to the ac outlet.
Without going crazy, what do I need to get to ensure I have stable and sufficient power supply? What should I budget?
I am guessing the amp, preamp, and C/D player will be about $18,000 used/demo.
Actually most manufacturers design their equipment to run on power supplied right out of the outlet be it 15 or 20A. But you can always try passive or active conditioning such as the products offered by PS Audio. As far as budget the sky is the limit(300-several thousand). I tried passive conditioning and didn't like what it did. I installed a couple of dedicated lines 20A with a couple of high grade outlets (PS Audio Power Ports) and plug my components directly into the outlets. I am very pleased with the results.

What I would do if I were you is upgrade the outlet and if you want experiment with a couple of conditioning products. Buy used in case you don't like the results so you can flip it and not get hurt financially.
Thanks for your helpful comments, Czbbcl!
Glad I could help. Also you could try upgraded power cords. I had good results with one on my cd player didn't do much for the other components. Simple and easy to try and again go used to protect the finances if thats issue.