AC Power Line Upgrade -- For electricians

I had a thought about a way to implement the many suggestions that have been offered about upgrading my AC power line circuits dedicated to my electronic gear. As a threshold matter, I am a believer about the benefit of supplying "good quality" AC power to my electronic components, to the point of upgraded and dedicated power lines from the circuit breaker box to the female end of the IEC cable that plugs into the back end of the separate electronic pieces.

Now, as to dedicated poweer lines, I get an F. I have only ONE (1) dedicated 20 amp line feeding everything. The only good part of the story is that at least the romex circuit is only 15 years old, which means that it is well grounded. I suppose another good fact is that so far, the circuit is being used ONLY by my electronics.

The problem: my wife absolutely will NOT allow me to start chopping up walls or the ceiling in my "man-cave" to run seperate lines.

Possible solution: Is it possible from a Code perspective to make a short run, say 6-12 inches, from the main box to a separate box that has 4-6 separately wired AC sockets? My thought is that I would use separate 20 amp romex runs (4-6) from the main circuit box to the dedicated AC socket box.

The challenge: I still have a 20 foot run to where the equipment is located.

The question: Is it possible under the Code to use separate long extention type power cords that would plug into the dedicated socket box and then run along the floor, perhaps lifted off the floor, that would connect up to the equipment? I could then use all the sexy filters, conditioners, sockets, power cables and so forth, that folks talk about from the "business end" of the extension power cords into the back-end" of the equipment. If this is possible, any special power cords that could do the job?

BTW: the reference to "Code" means relevant National electrical code.
Well, you don't mention the exact location of your panel.

Yes, you can install any number of outlets next to your panel.

Be certain that they are all connected to the same phase.

Since they are for your audio equipment "ONLY", I would consider them to be dedicated use outlets.

Meaning that they are not considered convenience outlets.

Convenience outlets, depending were they are located, may have to be ground fault or arc fault protected.

The extension cords are a gray area, an item that's probably going to be left to interpretation, but I would say that you are connecting cord connected equipment with a cord that provides a means of disconnect at the equipment.

I would use high quality #10 AWG extension cords.

Then there's always Wiremold surface raceway.

When in doubt contact your local authority having jurisdiction. NEC or no NEC, they will have final say.

Without actually seeing the situation, I may have said too much or not enough.
I would suggest you remind your wife of the safety aspect of being properly done and the piece of mind a sound sleep will give. As well, you did say it was "your Mancave" so just do it. If your carefull cutting the drywall out in the time it takes the electrician to install the lines and to have the board up and the taping and first skim coat on, your wife should be just leaving from the afternoon at the Spa being pampered that you paid for in advance.

External wires (per USA code) would need to be able to disconnect with plugs at both ends.
So if you run some short wires to outlets from the box, they must be enclosed in piping.

I use a single 20 amp outlet for all my stuff.
I have:
42" plasma, 7 channel/100 watts/channel receiver, Bryston 4B-SST2 amp, three preamps, two phono boxes, three thruntables, two giant power conditiners, my laptop, three DVD players, five CD changers. two DACs, headphone amp.
All on my 20 amp circuit and no problem.

That you already have a single 20 amp circuit is most of the deal.

Also, you could pull a set of two pairs of new 20 amp circuits to your currnet outlet.
Use the duplex (if you do NOT want to rip up the wall at all) each outlet as ONE separate 20 amp circuit! by splitting the outlet duplex.
Then you can run one major cable from each duplex outlet, to home made boxes woth additional outlets for all your stuff at the far end.
So a plug/long wire/duplex pair box built on end of extension..
Then a second, identical, but maybe longer..
That would give you eight outlets.
You could buy one of the bigger (more outlets, up to four duplex per box) off eBay. that could work up to sixteen plugins from your two 20 amp extension cords.

With those big boxes, you can have a IEC in, and the extension cords could be a pair four meter Pangea A/C-9
That would be good.
All you would have to do is have the electrician pull new wires (two full 20 amp sets) through your current conduit, taking out the wires in there now.
Make certain BOTH pairs are on the same A/C leg (so the cross connection of both hot wires can never be 240v for safety reasons)