AC power delivery and Power conditioners.

I have a dedicated audio room which is on its an own curcuit . I have just installed 3 additional dedicated lines for my system. Thus I have 4 in the room. The 3 system lines are from the same bank of the power box. The room line is from the other bank so is opposite in phase. I use a MAC mini as a server and power it from a APC Power conditioner with battery backup. I intend to use one of the dedicated lines to feed a power conditioner for digital front end (DAC and Disk player), one for the preamp, and one for the amp. I have a audible Illusions 3A pre with external power supply. Should I purchase another power line conditioner for the pre, and if so any suggestions? As this project is not 'a done deal' I would also entertain on any aspect of this endeavor. Thanks in advance.
My experience with APC (I have an S-10) has been superb with tube and SS amps and preamps. My Quicksilver M60s plugged into the wall passed a tremendous amount of AC noise. Plugged into the APC...dead quiet. The APCs have also received great reviews, are effective, and affordable. I see no reason why what you have should not work perfectly with your gear, preamp included. BTW, if you have any SS that does not have start up protection circuitry and leave it on 24/7 (as I do), your speaks will thank you when an outage comes along.
I agree with Rosceiii, consider a balanced AC power unit.I use a BPT that has 20 amp capacity and it is excellent.My entire system is plugged into it.I`ve had mine 4 years and it is worth every cent I payed for it.
Ditto. I have been using balanced power for almost 9 years now. Highly recommended.
Isolation of digital is vital to great sound.
I use separate balanced power isolation plus additional
conditioning for digital and the improvements have been incredible. My pre & amp are on separate isolation and conditioning for each. It's well worth it for the clarity, dynamics, transparency and nuance that you will "never" get without similar treatment.
That is how I also do it. Each component on its own dedicated isolation transformer.