AC power cord termintation

Just got an AC power cord that is not terminated at the mains end. Thinking of getting the most copper I can find at Home Depot to terminate.

Any suggestions for choices? [BTW this is maybe a $20 cord from LINN, so not worth looking at expensive audiophile brands]

My local Home Depot has, most of the time, Levitton stuff. I made my Bob Crump recipe cable using the HG-5266C adapter. Other specialized electrical supplier carry other brands like, Hubbel, Eagle and Pass Seysmour. Most of them are between $7.00-15.00/each.

At least, make sure they are Hospital Grade and tighten them to the cable.

Parts Express has the Marinco adapters (which I mostly use) and they are a basic model from WattGate without the extra plating and $$$ price.

Good luck...

Hubbell 5266 is a nice plug for about $10 Cnd.
I trust you already know the black goes to the copper screw the white to the silver and the green to ground.
I picked up an industrial grade Leviton 5266c [did nto see Hosiptal expressly listed]. I cannot find information as to the distinction, is there in fact a difference between Industrial and Hospital grades?
K p Industrial is fine, don't sweat it!