AC power cord for Rotel RCD-1072

I noticed that many of theses CD players have been sold and bought on Audiogon. It is a popular player. Can I ask those who have owned or still own this unit which AC power cord did you upgrade to if you did upgrade from the factory supplied cord and did it really make a difference in the unit's performance? Many thanks.
When I had my 1072, I used a Signal Cable MagicPower Digital Reference and was very happy. Excellent "bang for the buck" cable.
Everyones taste are different so it is what sounds good to y.

I would only say this. match all your cables! i use all audioquest. nrg-5 is a good ac cable for the $$.
Thanks. The Signal Cable Magic Power Digital Reference looks reasonably priced at $69.00 for 3' and then $7.00 for each additional foot. Just in my budget. The Audioquest NRG-5 is way out of my budget ($455.00) but I appreciate the recommendation. I was thinking of the NRG 1.5 or 2 for about $105.00.

What I'm looking to enhance is the overall soundstage and bass extension of the player by upgrading the AC power cord. Would I get that improvement with the Signal Cable Magic Digital Ref or the NRG 1.5 or 2.0?
Find a used Synergistic Research AC Master Coupler, if you want a real improvement in those areas. They aren't that much more expensive, and it's a cable you can keep using when you make further upgrades to your system. Or a Zu Bok, for a less expensive alternative. I've found that every component in my system responds differently to powercord brands/designs(The only two components I own from the same company are my Cary Monoblocks). Each unit in the audio chain has a different requirement, whether current demand or noise/interference cancellation(to or from). I wouldn't expect one cable(brand or design) to fulfill every demand well, in every application.