AC Power Cord and Krell Pre

I have a Krell Evo 202 preamp. The manual says to use the power cord supplied with the preamp. I can understand that instruction both for liability purposes and for assuring a satisfactory connection. But would a high quality aftermarket power cord actually improve the sound? If you think so, which cord or cords?
I'm not a fan of Krell products. That being said, I do have several friends who own Krell gear. They all seem to prefer Transparent or MIT power cords and cables.

JM..2 is correct. Transparent would be my choice.
I've wondered this to Kusina. Perhaps as it's stated in many HiEnd stereo equipment ops manuals not to use any other power cords they are trying to relay some useful info such as "The products sound needs not altering" through other manufacturers power cords. Are you meaning to tell me that, that preamp for that buck doesnt sound sublime?
Pull the wool off first. OK, there are NO GAURANTEES that any particular component will sound it's best with ANY specific power cord. Stock cords may or may not sound good depending on the quality of the cord and ancillary many variables so little time. Cost of a component does not equate with a great PC. only trial and error can determine your best solution and that's why God made the Cable Company..well, Robert Stein actually.
Thanks for your comments. The Krell Evo 202, according to the Krell manual, has its own power conditioning system, and Krell says that it should be plugged directly into the wall, not into a power conditioner. Also, one should use the cable that is supplied with the unit. But I can't help wondering if an aftermarket cable would improve the sound. If Transparent and MIT cords have their own filter boxes, wouldn't they duplicate or perhaps negatively impact the filtration provided by the Krell itself? Has anyone actually experimented with aftermarket cords on the EVO 202? There are so many brands of power cords that I hardly know where to start. I think, though, that I would prefer cords that don't actually filter the signal.
Many manuals say many different things, whether you agree with the manufacturer is up to you. For instance, I am a fan of tube gear, and my manual says that the best tubes are sourced from the manufacturer of said gear, which are modern day hand picked Chinese tubes. I have found that NOS tubes from Holland, Great Britain and the USA sound better than hand picked modern Chinese tubes.

There is no answer to your question if you do not want to experiment. If you choose to believe Krell, and use the supplied cord, you will be happy. However, you will never know whether a MIT or Transparent cord would improve the sound if you do not try your own room using your own ears.

FWIW, IMHO the power cord makes a bigger difference sonically than either the interconnect or speaker cable. Unfortunately, there is no one cord that is all things to all people on all's all about synergy and personal taste.

kusina, I used a Transparent on my 202 and loved it, but please do your self a favor and try some different brands from Robert Stein at the Cable Company.
Thanks to John and Dave. I will do as they suggest -- that is, experiment. I'll start with a Nordost Brahma PC now connected to an FM tuner, then go to an Electroglide Epiphany XG (G is for grounded) now reposing in a box, and then try others, probably through the Cable Company.