AC Power

I'm not sure which category this belongs under but here goes. I'm looking for something to plug all my equipment into to provide "surge protection", clean up the power, etc. I'm very confused between all the differnt types of equipment out there. I've seen power filters, AC generators, line coditioners, voltage stabilizers and many more. What one piece of equipment do I really need to protect my equipment and make my system sing.

Before you look in this direction, I'd strongly urge you to have an electrician install 20A dedicated lines. I find this makes a bigger difference than power conditioners. That being said, what kind of equipment do you have, and what kind of price range are you looking for? No sense getting recommendations that are out of your budget.

The way I see it your question has two parts: surge protection & power conditioning. For maximum surge protection, look at the Brickwall products (and similar). Unfortunately, series surge suppression, by itself, doesn't do much in the area of power conditioning (in my opinion). However, their are small capacitance units produced which seem to address the problem of noise. Some production units are Quietlines by Audio Prism, the AC Enacom by Enacom & a unit by Rubicon Technoligies. Read Recommended Audio System "Twaeks" at and article on "AC Line Conditioners: Friend of Foe" at Soundstage by Pete Goodreau. Paying in smaller increments makes more sense for budget challenged audiophiles like myself or pay all at once for a more expensive unit (like those made by Audio Power).
Try the Furutech E-tp80

I got the E-tp60 without surge suppression is works great