AC or DC Motor? how do I know - Gyrodec

How could one determine if you have an AC or DC version motor for the Gyrodec Turntable (SPIDER)?

Is is written anywhere on the PS or MOTOR itself?

I'm not familiar with your TT, but if you have an AC motor you'll more than likely have a normal AC power cord with an inboard power supply. If DC, you'll more than likely have a wall-wart or other outboard power supply. If you do have a wall-wart unit, look on it to see what it says. It normally will say if the output is AC or DC, in addition to the voltage and amperage rating. Finally, often the motor will indicate if it's an AC or DC motor.
The AC Papst motor housings have a knurled nut of about 3 cm diameter right below the pulley. With DC motors, the pulley just protrudes from the top of the motor housing.
(taken from Werner Ogiers on-line manual for Michell turntables).