AC line conditioners - Need Help

Hi Need advice on line conditioners in order to get pure, clean (and safe) power. Reasonable price only. Thanks.
Best bang for not much $$$$ is the Vansevers Super Companion. List is $150. sells it for $129. Has 6 outlets, 2 Digital and 4 Analog. It has IEC plug, so the the power cord can be upgraded if you want. I have one in a secondary system in my Den/Study. I have not heard better at that price. Some people swear by the Monster HT2000 which is also very good, but I found the bass detail and noise floor slightly lower in the Super Companion. In the $200 range, the API Audio Power Pack II is very nice. Has the same features as the Vansevers. It can be had at I also think there is a almost new API PP-II for auction on eBay currently at about $100. The cheapest that will clean your power is the Monster HT800 at around $80 List. It has the same Monster Stage One filtering found in the HT1000.
For the Monster stuff I mentioned, the HT and HTS stands for Home Theater, the S for satellite. The models also have inputs to protect your COAX and Phone lines for cable and satellite TV. This may be of interest. The HTS2000 can be had on the web for not much more than the HTS1000, so if you desire this kind of protection, definitely go with the HTS2000. The HT800 I mentioned also has a HTS version with Cable/Satelite protection.
I guess I'll just keep going. I don't know what you mean by "Reasonable" but up in the $300 range new the Chang Lightspeed 3200 is very nice. I just went to the Monster page and the HTS1000 now has the same 2 stage filtering as the HTS2000; it just has fewer outlets. The old HTS1000 model has only 1 stage filtering like the HT800. It was always better to spend a couple more bucks for the HTS2000. Maybe no longer if you get the new model. Has anyone tried to the newer 1000 model against the 2000?
I'm very pleased with the Audio Power Power Pack II. In many respects it's as good the Chang Lightspeed 6400ISO which I also use. The PPII doesn't get the attention it deserves maybe because it's the budget item in this companny's product line. However, its insertion into my system raised my eyebrows. Give it a try.
I have an HTS 1000 with which I am a very happy camper. It is my understanding that this is identical to the HTS2000 except for number of outlets.
The HTS-1000 sounds like an HTS-2000 only if you don't use the high current section of the 2000. If you have separates, the 2000 is a significant upgrade. If you can find an HTS-5000 at a discount, it will blow you away; the only thing I've heard better is the PS Audio.
I got the Monster HTS 5000. It is a very good unit. If you shop, you can get it at $399.00. It's worth every penny.
whichever conditioner ya use, it's my opinion that there's *no* reasonably-priced unit that won't restrict the dynamics of yer amps, unless yure running low-power amps in a small room. unless ewe can afford big-bucks on something like a ps-audio p-1200, take the risk & plug the amps straight into the wall. put radio-shack ferrite magnets on the cords to reduce noise.
Changlightspeed power conditioners are the only ones I have heard that don't restrict dynamics in any way and do what most CLAIM to do. Their basic model for $300 is the best bang for the buck IMHO. Go to their website to get info on their engineering philosophy. I have $15,000 worth of electronics hooked up to their cls3200 and twice have experienced a massive power surge that cut the power on everything in my home but my stereo did'nt blink once. (I keep my system on all the time.)
First of all, THANK you all for answering! Very usefull information. Nevertheless, I will provide some more details about my audio system and again wait for your comments. I have a quite simple system: an 150 wpc integrated amplifier (Plinius 8150) + an integrated CDP (Meridian 508.24) + a pair of Sonus Faber Guarneri. So, what I need is a unit in which I can connect both the amp and the CDP (nothing else) without damaging sound dynamics and purity. It also must be prepared for European voltage (230) and outlets. Thanks again.