AC,IC,and speaker cable makeover needed.

Anybody have suggestions? I need new AC power cords,IC's,and Speaker cables.I have Martin Logan Aerius speakers,Aragon 3002 (300wpc) amp,Aragon 28k MKII preamp,Roksan Kandy MKIII CD player, NAD S400 FM tuner,NAD T532 DVD player.
I just rewired my whole system with Audience Au-24 and Powercords and am floored by the results. I was skeptical that cables made much of a difference and certainly did not believe that some of the more pricey stuff was anywhere near worth the money but I have to say the difference is both noticable and positive. Going from the stock power cords to the Audience powercords was transformative. The Audience IC's and speaker wire are also fantastic products. Working together as a system I am amazed at the musicality of my hi-fi. Thin, flexible and nearly invisible, they look good too (no garden hose on the living room floor phenomenon). I didn't compare to other cables out there so am not prepared to say they are the best out there (for my system) but I can tell you that the reviews on these products are, for once, spot on. Hope this helps.
Hi Slikric3000,

As someone whom has about 6 different Interconnects and another 3 LS Cables as well as tried 5 different brands of A.C. Cords prior finding which versions offered the very best sound in my system which consist several tube based Integrated Amps. As most will know that this issue is often which is based upon objectiveness overall. Yet one matter that is of the utmost importance is finding ones own favor no matter what is often recommended by others.

As not many will have a system like your nor you taste in Music or even your Listening Room for that matter. Yet looking at each of your components I'd say lean towards a more neutral line of Cables throughout the entire system and above all please consider sticking with one Cable lines as this will allow for a more Synergistic and Systematic whole.

I've been very lucky throughout the years with Harmonic Technology Cables and find them to be very worthwhile as I find them very Neutral without adding any form of Coloration and simply allow the end user to focus on what's most important - adding more Music to there collection and simply enjoying what's coming from ones system and having little doubt about what's next?.

As your Source and Pre and Power Amp and speakers tend to lean towards the more hotter side of Neutral I once again say that this would be a worthwhile place to start. As this would simply cancel out any form of brightness whatsoever and alter the overall sound in a much more pleasant manner. This is nothing more then attempting to balance the sound of any given system and doesn't require any sort of Degree in knowing what sounds best to your ears and in your system.

Just know in your Heart which direction you would care to go in? as I was taught many years ago, while selling many Imported Audio Components from the likes of Linn Audio - Naim - ProAc - Exposure - Neat Acoustics - Harbeth Acoustics and Micromegas' back in the 80s

- there has always been only 3 favors of either components - Speakers and/or Cables to be consider as standard - Hot [ Bright ] - Warm [ Neutral ] and Dark [ Laid - Back ] it's merely understanding just how to alter the sound of any of them through the use of either Tubes [ For those of us whom understand the finer points of Tube Rolling that is. ] and Cabling, as most of these are more then capable of changing the sound for better or worse depending upon ones views in general.

With that being said, it's nothing more then a Balancing Act - with your ears and Music being the 2 most determining factors to please yourself, as it is you whom you've to please after your Audio Buddies go home after what makes for a pleasant evening of Friends sharing the joys of Music and learning what is required to make ones system sing to begin with.

And being able to share with those whom simply either don't know about or haven't heard a properly set up system as a means to bring more consumers into this hobby which we all share and if one seriously cares to admit it or not? has caused us all to become more of a Community no manner what - as I've been blessed to meet peoples from all walks of life because we all share a passion for Music and the means to play it back with. And for that if nothing else I consider myself very fortunate indeed. As when it comes to sharing Music with others have you ever seriously noticed that most people tend to put aside their biases and simply enjoy one an others company and opinions regarding just the Music itself.

I know that I went off topic there for a moment :-O but I just wanted you to understand that this hobby shall always be based upon ones willingness to share with others and to re-educate those whom don't have any ideal what we're talking about as far as Audiophilia goes. After all is said and done, merely choose what sounds more akin to Music to your ears and what in fact moves your spirit the most.

The Harmonic Technology Cables are very good @ what they do - they step aside and allows the user to simply Listen to Music as uncolored as anything out there which I've heard to date. Many tend to trash them and sell them off - yet the reality of the matter is that many can't bring themselves to admit they just want a more colored sound and simply don't understand what they're listening either too or for to begin with.

[ Not knocking anyone here - Just one of those facts as I see it. ]

Try this and I think that you'll be quite pleased. My advise would be to obtain enough of their Truth - Link IC's and Pro 11 Plus LS Cables along with their A.C. 11 Pro Power Cords to at least hear what is capable with your own system and be prepared to call me later with details.

Happy Listening,
- Oscar
Assuming you have no fixed ideas of what cables to go for, and you are not after real high-end cables, you can do a lot worse than check out the offerings from VH Audio.

I use their Flavour 4 power cords & Pulsar ICs and they are very good; and great value for money.
I have this problem with the word"neutral".It rears it's ugly head in all aspects of this hobby.If one cable is more neutral than the other and then a new cable comes out that is even more neutral, then what is the benchmark for "neutral"?Certainly not Cardas Neutral Reference? I find it quite coloured.So how do you know you have reached "Neutral Nirvana"?As Eddie Harris said"compared to what?"