AC/DC remasters....

other than Back on Black...which sounds phenominal on the recent cd remaster...other selections I found to be not as stellar and somewhat "flat" sounding...any more feedback...
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AC/DC rocks dude.
Hmmm. . . gonna hafta try this one. I'll get back to ya . . .
Hmmm Phase man which ones did you think are flat sounding ?
As far as sound quality most of them seem real good , in the last six months Ive bought 5 of them . I find myself playing Back on Black the most becuause its the best collection of music on one disc to my ears . Last night after I read this I played "For Those About to Rock" and the sound quality was real good. Of course they have alot in the catalog and they were digitally remastered from the orginal master tapes spanning many years so its possible a few of the master tapes are mediocre, but so far The sound quality has been great on the ones Ive purchased.
I have the remaster of Highway to Hell and it sounds good enough to listen to. I have three other CD's prior to remastering and the sound quality is among the worst I've heard. I won't even play them. Damn those money grubbing Ba$%@rd record company execs!
You can't beat Highway to Hell probably my favorite next to Black on Black.
Has anyone heard the remastered AC/DC Live double cd? It's one of my favorites of their's, and i'm curious if it's worth buying over again since it's a newer recording to begin with.
Live double definitely worth buying (again) , great recording with some good new stuff
I have the 'Live' double remaster and the sound quality is excellent.
The original Aussie CDs are excellent. Not as bright as the remasters, of which I have a few. "Powerage" is quite flat and lacks dynamics.

Just bought many of them to replace my other ones that were supposadly recorded from the original masters by a different guy.
I think they sound better, but really not by that much.
Wait for the SCAD if you already have the first re-masters.