AC cord for Martin Logan Speakers

I was wondering if anyone has replaced the stock martin logan AC cord with a higher performance one, and what the results were? I'm in the process of tweaking my system, and was wondering if this may be an area where money would be well spent.
try synergistic new power cables(active shilding).you will be shock
Hello Sim
I use Shunyata King Cobra on my Soundlabs and was totally astounded at the tremendous detail in the midrange and transparency in the midbass. I know that you have Martin Logans but I do think you should find what power cord works best for your speakers you will be amazed at the results.Hope this helps.

Adsal: What Martin Logan speakers do you have?
i had prodigy

For the price of a pair of AC cords, you could buy a PS Audio P300 (used). One would think that this would make an even bigger improvement, over just about any AC cord.