ac conditioner

Hi Everyone,

Please help! I'm interested in a line conditioner for my system, and have no idea whatsoever as to a direction to start looking. My system consists of a Pass X250 amp, Classe CP60 preamp and a Classe CD player. I'm most interested in protecting the system from power surges and brownouts, but obviously sonics are equally important.

Thanks! Albert
I have used virtually no power conditioners/filters over the decades I've been an audiofool; I have used brand-name spike-protecting outlet strips on most of my equipment. I recently had installed 3 dedicated AC lines into the musicroom, but as my system gets more resolving, I'm increasingly convinced I need to do some filtering, etc. to the AC lines.

I've been reading very positive things about PS Audio's new line of AC filters/conditioners... plus . I plan to evaluate the Quintessence to power all my frontend gear and to use Noise Harvesters on the AC lines my 3 poweramps will be plugged directly into.

The Quintessance's 5 outlet zones, isolated from each other, sound like a great idea. Also, PS Audio distinguishes between and protects from Voltage surges and Voltage spikes, the former being of perhaps 10 - 30 Volts and the latter being possibly hundreds of Volts.

We'll see.
It'd be helpful to know what the condition of your electricity is. Do you live in a high-rise in NYC? Are you running a server farm out of your basement? Etc.
I use the Cinepro AC Line Balancer 10 amp. WOW! My friend and I didn't want to take it home and try it but we were coaxed into it. When we plugged it in, the soundstage was bigger, impact was better, just everything increased a bit. Now, poorly made products can make your system sound worse or lifeless.
X250 amp is better run directly into the wall. I haven't had good luck with my X250.5 and Shunyata Hydra. For preamp and source, you may benefit from a good line conditioner.
here's a vote for isoclean. i am using an isoclean power filter in combination with their power transformer. the differenceit made for me was incredible -- equal to a compnent upgrade, as well it should be given the price!