ac conditioner

does anybody know about an ac conditioner aka Exactpower or similar that can be used in Europe(220v), but have US standard outlets(110v?) this so i can use US products in Europe..
That's a really cool idea. I suggest you contact Brent Jackson at Exactpower (look in Agon manufacturers index)
Hydra does have this option. Look for the website of the Polish distributor. It lists both US plug and schuko versions of 220v models of hydras. Also, PS audio has this. As far as I know, the models for the chinese market has this option. (I have this types of ultimate outlet and hydra2).
All of the Running Springs Audio products would apply. They can be used anywhere on the planet. They are also non coloring and non current limiting. Visit
thank you for suggestions. some people claim this coversion will make the audio units connected sound worse, or at least not as good as if the powersupply in each unit is rebuildt.. any thaughts?
Hifimannen -- I think the people at any of the manufacturers mentioned above would be candid in saying if doing what you propose is not the best way. They have nothing to gain by creating a dissatisfied customer. I would definitely call them all and see if there's a concensus.