AC cables for Atmasphere MA1s, MP1?

Does anyone have experience with power cords and Atma MA1s and MP1.

I'm currently using SR Telsa Basiks, which was an "OK let's get this puppy up and running". I'm ready to move ahead with better cables.

So, I'm seeking people with experience with cables for Atma products. I will listen to common suggestions by using the Cable Compan, unless Ralph says 'Use this', which I have not been able to get him to do. I just want to know where to start.

I've been using Silent Source Signature cables with good success in the MA-2s.
Ralph would be the best source, IMO. OTLs are finicky.
Sonic_genius, if you owned Atma-Sphere amplifiers you would know they are not finicky. In fact they are ultra reliable, unlike some other OTLs which are/were not -- an unfortunate stigma. If this were not true Atma-Sphere would have gone out of business long ago, but instead they've been around since 1976 and are still going strong. And they carry a three year warranty. A company that's uncertain of reliability doesn't offer that.

Back to the original topic, yes, some power cords sound better than others on them, but I can't post recommendations here.

I'm a dealer, so sprinkle liberally with salt if you wish, but please check out the products before making assertions.
I own 4 sets of Atma-Sphere power amps and don't think it matters what power cord you use as long as it's beefy.
Essential: This is NOT what I meant. The amps require a well matched cord. I have owned them including Fouriers. They were my favorite amps but I now prefer SEs.
The A-S amps will sound slightly different with different power cords, as will all electronics I've ever used. The generic cords A-S supplies with the amps sound okay. Other cords sound better. But the amps are NOT finicky and do NOT "require a well matched cord" as stated by Sonic_genius.

As Essentialaudio says, some cords offer better sound than others. And this is true with any piece of gear offering the neutrality and resolving capabilities similar to A-S.
Sonic_genius, if you owned Fourier amps you know very well what 'finicky' is. I owned one of their stereo amps for a short time. It was constantly blowing up: decent parts quality but atrocious layout, workmanship, and mechanical design, not to mention components such as output coupling caps used beyond their specified operating other words, a ticking time bomb destined to fail. You should have seen the overwhelming number of amps lined up along and below the benches at Fourier for repair! Tom was a nice enough guy but didn't know how to run a business, and Bryan Carey who took over near the end was far worse IMO.

I gave it away in disgust and moved on to Atma-Sphere. Completely different animals. Sound great, ultra reliable and stable. So as your comment implied, you have not owned Atma-Sphere.
Thank everyone for trying to answer my question.

I'll contact the Cable Company and will post my results when I'm finished listening.
Does the S30 like silver power cables or copper?
Does the S30 like silver power cables or copper?

I tried siver and copper power cords witm M-60, both were ok. The amps don't care what you use.
Whatever you use, look for good Plugs. I use Oyaide .
There are the main differences (good grip).
Where is Brian when you need him?
Just to revive this thread. I have the M60's and am in need of 2 power cords for them myself. Wondered if you'd tried anything Thotdoc, (or anyone else), in the last few months and what your experiences were?

I use 2 Canorus (PAD) but they are first fed into a Pranawire Linebacker. Excellent results into my M60's.

(Dealer disclaimer)
From what I have read here on the gon, The Stage 3 concepts Kraken power cord is very good, This may be a match for atmasphere?
Thank you very much for the Canorus and Stage 3 suggestions, (I'd really love to hear the stage 3's). I'm wondering if there is anything in the $500 to $700'ish range worth trying that might be at least in the same vein as those more rarefied suggestions. I was looking at a Triode Wire Labs 7 Plus perhaps or maybe a Shunyata of some description but would be open to other ideas.

Thanks again.
@ Bhoage, Hi, I would go to the stage 3 concepts kraken thread here, those guys know more about the price point sounds of the concepts cables, I would ask all the questions you have, re-awake the thread, I will like to read what all of you have to say out of interest myself.
I've used most of the upper-end Shunyata cords with the Atma-Sphere M60s, MA1s, and MP1, all with excellent results.

However I'll agree with the other long-term Atma users on this thread - the amps just are not that finicky wrt power cords and don't think you need top-of-the-line to reap their benefits. If looking today I'd consider the 9AWG Shunyata Venom HC which is somewhere around $300.

The best thing you can do for these amps is dedicated circuits and keep any DC out of the line.
Try David Elrod. I'd be very surprised if they do not offer a huge improvement.
Atma-Sphere electronics are demonstrated here with Clarity Cable Vortex power cords. There is no going back.

Dealer disclosure.
I'm using a Tubulus power cable, which is great! It's based on silvered copper conductors and sounds very clean and detailed.
I'm using a Tubulus power cable, which is great! It's based on silvered copper conductors and sounds very clean and detailed.
Thank you all.

I ended up going through different cables and ultimately stopped with Analysis Plus. They worked "best" for my room...with my set up.
My friend uses the opening level Analysis Plus on his M-60s and they are excellent for the price.