AC CABLES a little help

Hi everyone I am looking to upgrade my ac cable on my belles hotrod 150a and reg a dec. I know I will need a clover leaf for the rega. so a little about my system. I have the belles hot rod 150a, an ARC LS-7 Vandersteen 2ce sig II. a music fidelity v-link. I have audio quest king cobra interconnects for the rega and the belles. I am also running AQ VDM-5 and AQ carbon usb. so knowing this what do you guys think?

I am considering either shunyata venom, AQ NRG-2, or MIT z-cord ii. . mainly i want 6' cords and keeping the price under 175ish used per ac cable
I think you should consider Neotech NEP-3002 or NEP-3003. Buy a couple of meters and a couple connectors and you have a nice power cord. I use the 3002 on my amp and the 3003 on my Cd player. Partsconnexion, Soniccraft and VH-audio all sell it.
I would recommend saving your money in order to upgrade your main components. Seriously doubt changing an AC cable will transform your system.
I like the way you think , these are the same cords I was considering only a few weeks back. My PC experience is limited as I'm still on the fence as to how much they contribute in MY system. With my monos when I removed the AQ Nrg-10s it sucked the life out of them . These are staying put. When removing the same PCs from my preamp and cdp, not a huge difference. I ended up selling 2 out of 4 of the Nrg-10s, ordering 2 PCs from Cullen Cable and running direct to the wall (dedicated 20amp lines) and skipping the Monster Power unit. Honestly I like the way it sounds direct to the wall opposed to through the Monster, seems a touch more focused than before. Not bad for 2 power cords for under $175 shipped check them out.
It's just my opinion, but I don't think power cords are the best place to upgrade given your components. I don't see what type of speaker cables you have listed above. If you didn't buy anything yet, a double bi wire run of speaker cable will make a very big difference. I have the same speakers as you in one of my systems and I use 2 runs of CV-8. If that is too high price wise, you can get most of that with 2 runs of type 8. (I was able to demo both at the same time in my system.) No other cable upgrade will make a difference that big. If you do get them, make sure you get the 1/4 in spades and if you buy both pairs at the same time, AQ will terminate them together at the amp end so it is much easier to work with. As far as power cords go, I would just wait until you are sure that you are done upgrading the electronics. More often than not, power cords will hurt as much as help. You really have no idea until you try them and they are very likely not to to work with future upgrades if you get them now.