ac cable for cd transport

I use hifi ac cable for my amp dac and sub and they does a BIG difference. If i buy another ac cable for my cd transport (classé cdt-1) does it will does a sound improvement

my systeme
mcintosh amp
moon d300 dac
canton ergo 695 speaker
It made a big difference on mine; but hard to predict. Why don't you try one of the ones you have now on the transport and see if it makes a big difference. Put on a cheaper cable in place of one of the good ones, listen a while to adjust your ears to the system and then put the good cable on the transport and see what effect it has.
The biggest difference/improvement I have heard from audiophile power cords have always been on my transport. Try it, you are on for a surprise.
I replaced the factory supplied power cord on my Audio Aero Prestige CDP and it made a big difference. I used the Lessloss pc.
definitely for me... try the purist audio design museus. Takes the digital glare away.