AC adapter for Infinity RS2B equalizer

Does anyone know if I can use a "standard" AC adapter to power the Infinity Reference Standard IIb L.F. Equalizer that is to be used with the Infinity IIB (2B) speakers?

Also, on the back of the eq at the power port it says "13-14 VAC" and "50-60 HZ." Wouldn't this mean 130-140 volts ac, rather than 13-14 volts ac??

I figured as long as I have an ac adapter that works within 130-140 VAC and between 50-60 hertz I will be okay, does anyone know if this is true? Thank you for your time.

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go on Yahoo and join the Infinity Classics group. Lots of great info on all Infinity stuff there. You won't go wrong.
Thank you :) I appreciate it. I'll post any definite answers to my questions that I find.
It says 13-14 Volts AC because that is exactly what the unit requires. There is no mis numbering on it. DO NOT PUT 130-140 VOLTS AC INTO THIS EQUALIZER!! You will seriously damage it if you do so.

You can use a 12 V AC supply to power your EQ. There was a run of the mill 12 V wall wart provided with mine when it came from the factory and it has performed well for over twenty years. You can get 12 Volt AC wall warts at Radio Shack or find one on ebay.