Abyss 1266 Phi tc

Just got this in, and tried it with my ak sp2000. It’s a hard set to drive, so value wasn’t great, but sounded ok. Then swapped out for my focal utopias. Much more volume, but wow! The vocals seemed very recessed and it sounded very unbalanced through the range. The abyss by comparison seemed to be just right at all levels, though I had expected more bass, but since volumes wernt matched, not a fair comparison yet. I had never heard this disparity with the focals until I was able to do a comparison with the abyss. The battery was dead in my woo audio, so I charged that up and will try that this evening since it’s supposed to be able to drive a harder load, and see what the abyss sounds like with some more power behind it. 
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I use Sennheiser HD800 phones and used to think they were the cats pajamas but when I got a loan of a pair of the 1266's I was totally blown away. It was like the detail from SR009s and then some. Can't afford them though so I'll just have to keep a hold of the Senns.