Absolutely worst LP that you own & enjoy?

Everybody has one: An LP that is just not considered an audiophile piece but when everyone else has left put on and enjoys with a tingle in their toe...

I have a few:
Men without hats: Pop goes the world (Synth delux)
Bles Bridges: I'm the eagle, you're the wind (Local Artist with more bling than Elvis)
ABBA: All their albums...

What can I say? We all have a "dark side" that would send the next running!

Dewald Visser
Bruce Springsteen. Great songs, but crappy recording quality. Same thing with most of Paul Westerberg's recordings... the content is great in many cases, but the recording quality seems to be lacking in many cases.
Iron Maiden-The Number of the Beast
I will chime in and second all of the ABBA albums, particulary the early albums. While they are often ridiculed, I know that there are more than a few closet ABBA lovers lurking here.

For those who scoff, just how long is the list of songwriters/performers more prolific and successful than Bjorn Ulvaeus and Benny Andersson?
Another one of those threads.
You really need to define "audiophile piece".

Indeed I'd be fascinated to know why that would matter.

And before we get replies screaming spoil sport please notice the replies are coming from different perspectives.

Some replies are reffering to audio quality and others "guilty pleasures".

When it comes to music posts Audiogon must be amongst the world's least valuable site.
I should know I make most of them.
InAGaddaDaVida - Iron Butterfly
Oh wait! THAT's the one playing in my HEAD all the time!
Nev-er mind....

....but good listening!
The Ravyns by the Rayvns... "Raised on the Radio" is a total guilty pleasure. And This World, by Facedancer, with the great "Time Bomb" track. What can I say, I went to high school around Baltimore in the late 70s...
Probably any pop lp recorded in the 1980's would qualify. Some that come to my mind are Boston (all albums), Pat Benatar (most albums), Beach Boys (most albums), Monkees (all albums), Barry Manilow (most ablums), there are many others that would fit on this list.
The Beatles, Bob Dylan, Meat Loaf and Pink Floyd.
The Who "Live at Leeds" is a particularly abysmal sounding recording of some singularly ass-kicking live rock!
Well it would have to be Uncle Meat by Zappa. You see I had it on 4 track (remember those) and I would sit through the King Kong instrumental for 15 minutes for the pay off "Cruising for Burgers".Man does this bring back memories.
I am a music lover.
I have no control over what moves me.
I can't make myself like something.
Sometimes I like it right away and sometimes it takes a few spins.

"Everybody has one: An LP that is just not considered an audiophile piece but when everyone else has left put on and enjoys with a tingle in their toe."
One? ONE?? Dude, you've just described the major portion of my entire, several thousand-piece collection! (Not even including about as many old 45's!) And that's what you consider to qualify as your "absolutely worst LP" - one with ABBA-quality but non-audiophile sound? I guess you'd faint dead away if you ever played, say, a New York Dolls or Velvet Underground record. Listen: that tingle in your toe is the pulse of life! I swear, the alternate universe some of you people choose to live in will forever boggle my feeble, music lovin' mind. Roger over and out...
the dictators-beat the meetles
My eyes have just bulged at some of the LP's that people are classifying as being bad. Iron Maiden?/Springsteen?/Pink Floyd? and everything in the 80/s???............shurely shome mishtakes.

Everybody has one: An LP that is just not considered an audiophile piece but when everyone else has left put on and enjoys with a tingle in their toe...

I'm not sure how many audiophiles would consider The Number of the Beast an audiophile piece but I love it. Great album
Hi Nrostov,
I agree its a stonking album by the 90mph brit rockers, fantastic live performers also.
But IMHO it is an audiophile quality recording, as are the others mentioned. I have both vinyl and cd versions. They sound real and convincing to my ears through my system.

Yes I agree that the recording sounds pretty good. I just think it doesn't fall into that snooty, mainstream, audiophile category. You know Diana Krall, Norah Jones, Kind of Blue etc.
Jeffcott you are correct, there are no more prolific writers than Benny/Bjorn. When they were gigging and punting out 'perfect' pop songs. They did three nights at The Royal Albert Hall, tickets were to be bought by post, they apparently could have sold enough to fill out the Albert Hall for a year! They have also been offered 1 billion dollars to reform (yes thats correct 1 BILLION)! Am I a closet fan? Well to me they wrote perfect pop songs that appealed to young kids to elderly grannies. Such a wide appeal is very rare (with the exception of possibly the Osmonds, back in the day of course).
Crap I am showing my age!!! lol.
Ps- and who can deny they didn't fancy the 2 girls in Abba also?


By the way the AC/DC 200 gram albums are great too. My favorite is Highway to Hell.
"Surfin' Bird" by the Trashmen. So bad it's actually fun to hear. Kind of like Hillary Clinton.
Nrostov, thanks for that info I will check them out as I only have the basic (original) copies on vinyl (and on cd also), which all sound cracking, especially Black In black. My fav piece of music by them has to be 'Thunderstruck', always a goody to impress old friends.........awesome.
Hey Audiofeil,

The 45 rpm 7" Surfin' Bird was the very first piece of new vinyl I ever bought (1964, I believe). A couple of years ago someone reisuued the 12" LP of the Trashmen with this on it and I picked it up. What a gas after 40 plus years to revisit that place again. I shamelessly pull it out for the finale at audio meetings chez Acresverde. Sounds great on those Indras (yeah, like something doesn't).

Back in Black sounds great too. Also Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap. That's another one of my favorite AC/DC albums.

You know what else sounds great: Black Sabbath Paranoid.

Acresverde, you have a good memory. 1964 on the Garrett label. Can't recall ever seeing another recording on Garrett.
I use Indra as well but it's still "Surfin' Bird".
Hi Justin,
Love the live Evil album 'Paranoid' is great as is 'Heaven and hell'. I used to be a fan of early Sabbath, I think I have about 7 of their albums, so long since I played any of them I can't even remember the names of the albums. My excuse is that a large chunk of my music is in transit with only 'live evil' from Sabbath at my disposal. One day all my cd's will be in one place preferably with me so I can start listening to all the old stuff in my collection.
Hey Bill,

Sorry it took me so long to revisit this thread. I kinda just forgot about it. I know you use Indra cuz you sold me mine. Still the one.