Absolutely beautiful gear

I would never buy something because of how it looked, but I have seen a few things that stopped me in my tracks. Since there is currently an ugly gear thread I wonder what people have seen that they think is gorgeous???

I was stunned by how beautiful the Teres 360 with the custom base was when I saw it in Denver. See Alberts pictures!
I can't find Albert's pictures, where are they?
Sonus Faber Guarneri Homage
the dk design reference mark 2.
Finishes on the Von Schwiekert speakers.
Cables from almost all manufacturers are really nice looking these days (how else are you going to sell the same cable over and over again?).
Chasis on some of the Opera CDP's.
VPI Super Scoutmaster.

I understand that aesthetics do not make the equipment sound better but heck if it doesn't make me feel a little better about my purchase. Fit n' finish do make for an increase in implied value.
The Copulare Grande Porto equipment stand is the most beautiful piece of audio furniture I've seen. Transrotor exhibited their all-chrome turntable on one of these at an audio show last year and the combo was visually electrifying.
The Walker Audio Proscenium Gold Turntable. I've had a couple of opportunities to share the same space with that magnificent piece. Neither garish nor utilitarian, the outward appearance is simple complementary to its sonic attributes.
Check here if you get a chance: (url)http://www.positive-feedback.com/Issue21/rmafap.htm(/url)

I can't seem to get this to work??? Not sure what's going on!
Rowland, Wavac, Nagra, Sonus Faber, Graaf.
Vac amps
McIntosh, Cary Audio, Verity audio
Cain Abby - wonderful finish and just the right proportions without being too imposing.

Fi Y and X - Great industrial design and thinking outside the box.

Original Rega Planet - Utilitarian approach to a CDP, certainly a matter of taste, but again not the usual black box with silver faceplate.
The Avalon Eidolon's in burlwood finish really do it for me..
A thread like this is bound to prove the adage that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Nonetheless, I second Sonus Faber and also nominate the Hovland amps and preamps.
Art Audio amps with the blue LED crystals at night. Guarneri's and McIntosh also.
Nrchy, thanks for the link. That was a load of great looking gear.

Two of my personal favorites are The Michell Gyro SE turntable, with its gold weights spinning on the bottom of the platter. And I also think the TAD-150 Signature preamp with its blue LEDs and tube-lit windows is quite eye-catching.

Then there are those really exotic looking Shanling CD players. I don't know how they sound, but they sure look great.

A friend of mine has a pair of gold-finish Jadis 80-watt tube monoblock amps that look fantastic. And let's not forget the awe-inspiring Vyger turntable. The Avid Acutus is no dog.

This is a cool thread but it reminds me of a lot of great looking gear I can't afford!
Pathos Classic I Mk II integrated hybrid amp ... enough said
My Usher AC10's
Beautiful to look at, beautiful to listen to
Pathos gear, and the Qinpu A-8000 amp. Song Audio. Klyne preamps with
the cover off.
Love the Teres, that's almost audio porn, no?

I also find the Cary V-12R, Sonus Faber Amati Anniversario, VAC Renaissance Signature Preamplifier mk II, Manley Stingray integrated amp, Shunyata Hydra (original) power conditioner, and Jena Labs cables to be some mighty attractive pieces.

You have to include the Oracle Delphi turtable, it was a statement in form and design 25 years ago. Also Bang & Olufson gear of the 80's. Just my 2 cents...
Consonance Droplet CDP gets my vote.
The DK Signature gets my vote in Sound and Looks..
I forgot about Hovland and Art Audio, definitely those two. And Loth X while we're at it. And Zanden.
i was j/k about dk, my real choice is anything from moth audio,moth gear reminds me of old borris carlof movies where the mad scientist has all kinds of scary lookin gear in his lab.
You don't have to add this feature, but if people don't mind it would be cool to see a picture of some of the suggestions.
I think the Usher CP-8871 look very nice and the Consonance Droplet CDP 5.0 as mentioned above.
The Gryphon Antileon monos and DK Signature i think look very cool, but maybe not beautiful..
The above link once again demonstrates Albert's skills.
Here ya go Nate:

Teres 360

Cary V-12R

Sonus Faber Amati Anniversario

Manley Stingray

Shunyata Hydra

Jena Labs Dream Dancers

Jim Salk's Veracity HT-3's... http://www.salksound.com/ht3.html
Wow thanks for the pics!! The Teres 360 is absolutley stunning! I had no idea. More Pics!!!
Jadis Eurythmie speakers...

They sound nice too :^)
Alright Shoe, more Teres pics for you!

Teres 360 w/ stand

Teres 360 Gold w/ two arms

Teres 340 w/ two arms

Hopefully that holds you over for a little bit.

That has got to be one of the most beautiful tables in the world! How does it sound?
Bignerd100, I wish I knew.
I wish I knew how a Lamborghini handled.

It's just glossy audio porn to me. :-)

Someday............yeah right!

I own the Musical Fidelity X-Pre, X-Psu and X-LPS because of their good sounds, but the (IMHO) beautifull looks add a lot to my listening pleasure.
And I bought a Philips cassette deck, the 5846, just for its looks and the fact that I couldn't afford it when I was young...: Philips
Certainly Supratek preamps are quite amazing in the looks department!