Absolutely Amazing RIP OFF OFFER

Please step up to the podium for a quick rape, oh I mean deal. I am selling an Absolutely great deal. For a simple $29.73 I will give you three web sites where you can purchase an unlimited amount of Amazing, hospital grade, green dot power cords for less than $2.50! Yes this is no joke, for a mer $42.61 I'll give you the Hong-Kong supplier, the Australian supplier and the Japanese supplier. You can not do any better than this folks, please hurry, there are only 1,360,000,000 left in supply.
Talk about snake oil, All kidding aside, search power cord in your browser and you'll find some Amazing cords. Absolutely true!
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Oh No! I just did a search and found my speakers for $10 a piece and my DAC for $8. Whats going on?
Hi JD,
Did the power cord search came up with your Electraglide Fat Boy for a measly $715!!!!
An Absolute bargain!!!!!
Absolutely Not a rip off!!!!!
Must have Absolutely worked miracles, otherwise you wouldn't be selling it, Absolutely not!!!!

If interested, for mere thousand, I'll forward you the secret sites for acquiring clear tubing and mesh, fill it up with some Fatty snake oil from my other secret site (requires another $500) and you have one FAT CABLE to sell for ...... let's say a grand or two.... After all, FATTER is Absolutely better!!!
You bastard, why the hell are letting the cat out of the bag??? Like you I've wasted thousands of hard earned dollars on hyped up power cords with inflated four digit price tags just to be disappointed time after time. Each & every single one of them highly colored and hifi sounding. I recently discovered The Absolute PCs, open, musical, and natural; everything seems breathe right, no coloration, no hifi, just music. The only thing wrong with it is the price. I was really adamant initially, but what the hell at the price I couldn't resist trying them, just to be amazed at what a REAL power cord could do for my system, screw all the boutique shit. I guess as audiophiles we can't accept value for money, we must get shafted really well before believing in a product. For once there's something great in high end without us having to take a second mortgage to afford and you can't keep your big mouth shut! What are you thinking Jadem? Have you sold off your shafty, high priced cords yet? I still have to dump mine on these pages and you're ruining it for the rest of us. What do you think will happen once Absolute Power Cord people realize the true value of their product? RAISE THEIR PRICE YOU IDIOT!!!!!. Even worse, what if one of the big boys decide to buy them out and just dress their cords with worthless thick tubing and fancy mesh & label so they can charge mega bucks for the same cord. Of course the extra
decoration will probably interfere with the sonic purity of these cords, but hey who cares we're audiophiles and are used
to getting shafted and then dumping the latest, bestest and greatest on these pages for a big loss!!!
Above, please find what jadestick meant to say, er, I mean, what jadestick already said.
Dont go losin your sense of humor there ol' jadestick my friend.
Could some one please explain exactly what this discussion is actually about? The context, the facts, etc. Not knowing the issue itself makes it hard to wade through the sarcasm vs. the actual situation. Thanks!
This is all about power cords. Hospital grade power cords used for audio. It seems some people have discovered a great deal, some folks think these hospital grade OEM cords are a bargain at the prices of $49, or $39. I wanted to point out that there are a lot of choices in hospital grade OEM cords available in quantity for less than $3.00. And in that the advertiser wanted us to save our money and buy these at $39 instead of audio cords for $100 or even thousands, I thought I'd help them in there "saving" us audiophile idiots by showing some competitors cords. If these work out we all can save millions. You all can thank me by simply paypaling me the extra you wanted to spend and find these sites on the Internet.
This is called BUSTED!!!!!
I think I've made a few people (dealers) here mad. That wasn't my intent, wink, wink. I'm guessing they will try to get me kicked off AudiogoN for this.
BEWARE!!!!! NOTHING IS SO GREAT AS TO BE 5% of the cost of other products. If you want to try hospital grade cords, please look them up on the Internet and pay $3.00 not $39.00.
Kalan, I'm helping guys like you from spending $40.00 too much. Power cords make a difference, that I believe is a fact. If it is true that hospital grade cords will improve your system, go for it, but be aware that they are $3.00!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh and thank-you Jadestick, "man of a thousand names on AudiogoN" for pointing out that I have a Electra-glide Fatboy for sale for $715, I do like the extra press. I'll even go on to say I'm selling it because I bought a NBS Statement to replace it. That's a $3000 cord retail, so yes I'm one of the biggest audio idiots and damn proud I might add
I'm impressed JD, $3000 for $20 worth of Tannehill solid core rollmax, you're nobody's fool!!!!

Check it out Tannehill's also in Minnesota.
Actually Chstob, buddy what I meant to say was Absolutely this, but you took the words right out of mouth......
Hi, I'm 37 and retired commodities broker. In fact I'm writing you via satellite from my yacht anchored in the mediterranean. I paid only $3000 for my system, but it sounds like $300,000. That's right! That is not a typo! I'll bet your wondering how that's possible. Just how is it that I can get a $3K system to sound like a $300K system? Its all thanks to the Absolutely Amazing Absolute Powercord!!!! Ahhh, your next question, how much does the AbAmAbPC cost? Would you believe it if I told you $500? How about $200? This little gem costs only $39.99 on this website!!!! With the AbAMAbPC there is no need to spend more! Remember. AbAmAbPC.
Absolutely amazing.
Well done Jademsticker buddy ol' pal, but i'm not so hard to find as you. I went looking for something you had written in the forums and came up dry. Naturally I went for the shoe that seemed to fit. Remember, its all about havin' fun this audio stuff, and that's all I'm doin here is havin' some fun. So don't get sore. Good luck sellin' your cords though. They sound like they are just fine. Good performance, excellent value etc.
(I'll even sign my name)
WoW! I'ma buy me one a them cords! tell me where can i do that?!
You're so great Chris, 64 active and current threads, and everyone helpful and funny. I wonder how you find the time, with your Absolute high life aboard the yacht. What was it, 150 or 180 footer?

Wish I had things to sell, then I could be sailing the seas with you bud. Got any good yachting stories?
Is that Chris or Christopher?
PS. No power cord stories please!
I read an similar article about Stan Warren, who for those who don't know him co-founded PS Audio and now modifieds CD player, amps, preamps at home. The article concluded that the only thing wrong with Stan's Mods is he does not charge enough money for them, so many audiophiles don't take him seriously.
I found in a box of junk they were throwing away at work a IEC 14awg power cord from a blown computer server. Tried it at home and it was better than the OEM cord that came with power conditioner I use in my small Den/Home office system.
Can you post the Warren article or a link to the article?