Absolutely Amazing Absolute Power Cords

Is it just me or has anyone else ever felt amazed after hearing a low-priced power cord breathe new life into their formerly congested sounding over-priced cosmetically corded system? WAIT!! I know the answer because the question has been asked before......but probably not about the Absolute
Power Cord. I wondered if anyone else has tried this particular cord and what their impressions were. Thanks
Krjr, haven't heard the Absolute -- but am intrigued. Where can I find out more about these???
Do you guys work for the company or something?
Audiofrk, I didn't get yr point. Are U making one? Which company? Last time I checked (3 hrs ago) I was still a recruiter (of people, not cables / cords or otherwise metallic conductors).
I'm with Audiofrk. Sounds like the beginning of a commercial! Thanks for the laugh guys. After a long day at work, you guys made my evening.
Krjr: Never heard of Absolute (cords that is). Do you have any info on them yourself to share? Are they as effective as let's say the Walker HDL's? What type of system did you just purge with them?
BBBBuuuuusssttteeeeeddddd. But maybe not, let's hear more about the absolutely amazing magical mystery cable. Though at this point I must admit I am now more 'intrigued' to see if you can pull this off without stinkin' up the joint.
Okay, maybe I was a little over excited and wordy (like a Stereophile reviewer) but can't I guy try to class up a
question for all you fine AudiogoN audiophile gents?
After all I found the cord in an ad here and it made an
awesome improvement, that's all.
Krjr: So tell us more about it, we are all ears. Do they have a website?
By the way, Dekay, I am using Lamm ML-1 amplifiers, an ML-2 preamplifier, CEC TL-0, dCS Elgar Plus DA, dCS Purcell upsampler, and Montana KAS speakers.
These cords are a much more dramatic improvement than the
Walker HDL's(not to knock them, of course).
The ad is under cables and is posted under dealer demos by GTT Audio & Video, Dekay.
Damn! that is a decent rig you got there. Its gotta be some cord if you plug it up to that mess o' goodies. Now we're getting somewhere. Tell us all you know about the cord.
My only question is how your system which impressive as it is, sounded congested in the 1st place and found life only after a power cord. Seems like the Lamm, Dcs, Montana people never intended their work to sound as your pre Absolute situation.
Believe me I've tried a mess of power cords(NBS Monitor 0,
Powersnake King Cobra, Custom Power Cord Co. Top Gun, ESP,
Synergistic Research Designer's Reference, to name a few).
They all do something...goose the bottom end, roll off the top, etch the soundstage, etc.) This cord is the first one that has actually let me hear my system without compression,
restricted dynamics, or ANY coloration...and that is amazing
Krjr: I had looked at the add (any true American potlicker couldn't miss it), but the name did not hit home. The price is what scared me away (and I use Mapleshade and Homegrown Adio IC's). If it's that dammed good then they are going to have to charge a lot more than forty bucks before I will give it a try. Wait a minute, I think that it is my thinking that's conjested - what I just said doesn't make any sense.
I can't figure it out either. What possessed you to even try it? Especially with those goods. Must've been an act of sheer desperation. Thank you for the report though. I remember the last time I made a change that was ultra-significant, I wanted to shout from the roof-tops.
I tried it after reading the ad and being a skeptic myself.
Then I thought what have I got to lose at this price?
So, if they don't work, some of my household appliances get
new cords...but they worked...and that's why I'm sharing it with my AudiogoN buds.
You bastard, why the hell are letting the cat out of the bag??? Like you I've wasted thousands of hard earned dollars on hyped up power cords with inflated four digit price tags just to be disappointed time after time. Each & every single one of them highly colored and hifi sounding. I recently discovered The Absolute PCs, open, musical, and natural; everything seems breathe right, no coloration, no hifi, just music. The only thing wrong with it is the price. I was really adamant initially, but what the hell at the price I couldn't resist trying them, just to be amazed at what a REAL power cord could do for my system, screw all the boutique shit. I guess as audiophiles we can't accept value for money, we must get shafted really well before believing in a product. For once there's something great in high end without us having to take a second mortgage to afford and you can't keep your big mouth shut! What are you thinking Krjr? Have you sold off your shafty, high priced cords yet? I still have to dump mine on these pages and you're ruining it for the rest of us. What do you think will happen once Absolute Power Cord people realize the true value of their product? RAISE THEIR PRICE YOU IDIOT!!!!!. Even worse, what if one of the big boys decide to buy them out and just dress their cords with worthless thick tubing and fancy mesh & label so they can charge mega bucks for the same cord. Of course the extra decoration will probably interfere with the sonic purity of these cords, but hey who cares we're audiophiles and are used to getting shafted and then dumping the latest, bestest and greatest on these pages for a big loss!!!
No, I do not work for Absolute Power Cord Company. My day job is a circuit designer. Fully explainable solutions to electrical problems. A world seen as black or white...no gray here, no sir. But that knowledge didn't stop the audiophile in me to plunk down thousands over the years (I'm 47 years young) on power conditioners and power cords. A cord the diameter of an elephant trunk? Sure! Not a problem. You say my system will sound better if I buy elevators for my speaker cables? Sure! Not a problem. And spray them with anti-static spray? Sure! Oh, I almost forgot. I must remember to de-magnetize them and be sure to burn them in with my favorite break-in disk or cable burner!
Come on people! Why are some of you skeptical when it comes to purchasing an Absolute Power cord just because it doesn't cost a lot of green? I have personally wasted more money on a bad steak dinner! Ok, let me wrap this up. I bought an Absolute Power Cord because I'm willing to try anything to get me closer to the musical event. And they are damn good. So good as a matter of fact that the Big Rig is now fed 100% through Absolute Power Cords. So what are you waiting for? Don't let the low price keep you from purchasing-they truely are amazing.

FYI---The Big Rig:
Altis CDT-3 transport
Museatex Bi-Dat D/A
Lamm L-2 linestage
Manley 300B Retro amplifiers
JM Labs Mini Utopia speakers
Equi=Tech 2Q line balancer
Bear Labs interconnects & speaker cables
Kharma digital interconnect
Zoethecus stands
Argent Room Lenses
Gotta say that something appears fishy in this thread.
Gentlemen. I saw the ad for absolute power cords and sent Bill Parish at GTT.gttgroup.com and e-mail last Monday,April 05/2001. I was curious and Bill immediatedly replied explaining he has found them neutral enought to use on lamm and burmester gear...Remember, everything is synergy. I'm not looking for the best, I'm looking for the parts that make the whole complete. The only separate power cord in my system is on the simaudio 4070SE which John Poulin, the designer, says should be run directly into the wall..So, I figured, at $39US, it would be a small gamble. I ordered it and received it on Friday...Caanada customs, you know....I played some cassandra wilson and then put on the absolute and from the the first notes of the first song realized I had never heard the amp just disappear like this before...actually the power cord fitted in with the acoustic zen cables perfectly. Now I know a lot of people will be upset that a cable only costs 39US and can do this...All I say is to each his own....if it works and makes you happy, go fo it....I must say Bill Parish is a fine chap to talk to and deal with....everytime you find a good dealer, like Jody, at brooklyn audio, here in Nova Scotia, it helps make audio fun. And this should be fun and enjoyable....after all, it is the music, not the equipment....but the cords are good. How good? I have no way of finding out[nor at this time do I care]. I'm just enjoying the music....anyone need some snow? I can send it fedex.....Bluenose
Man you guys a paraniod! Everybody is allways complaining about how power cords are so overpriced and now you want to accuse someone who points a good ( I hope ) cheap one out, of being part of the company??? For 39 bucks it is worth a shot.
You guys should have left well enough alone. You almost had me going until you decided to roll ol' yourmama out. So, yourmama, how many of those cords you got stacked up in your garage? Fishy? I'm chokin' to death from all the fumes. Hey Krjr, what are you gonna do with all those four digit boutique tried and true's you say you don't need anymore?

Next time I suggest a good cop bad cop scenario. Have the first guy come out and say 'gee I tink thre grt!' Next guy "ibougt one-it stnk'; First guy 'man yre nuts' second guy 'the hell you say' and so on, all the while touting the product. But whatever you do, dont invite yormama, he gives it all away.
Chris & others, forgive my con'nued confusion -- maybe it's because I live ~10,000 miles away from the US coast and/or because English is not my native language: what's the verdict? Is this a scam, is it worth a try, what? To use this stuff over here (Europe)I'll have to change the terminator to european standard 2 pin, i.e, an extra (but small) hassle.
Gregm, Good Question. I'm sure the cords are great. At $39 the exposure is next to nil. And we have had at least a couple of trustworthy members come out and say they are legit vouching for the sellers. I will even probably buy one (if whoever is runnin this deal lets me--they might even thank me as lord knows if it is a scam I have done my part re: a buzz.) But that yomama deal has all the subtlety of rotting flesh.
Chstob, e-mail me off-line for a full list power cords that I need to dump. Then we'll see if you'll put your money where your mouth is!
PS FYI, I did buy enough of the Power Cords to last me a while!
Last night I was up late. Just couldn't turn off the TV. I love infomercials. Got so many great deals, I'm saving tons of money!
Interesting sales procedure boys. Always a bit odd when Krjr, Dino and Yourmama have one thread each, and this is that one. Chris you've been around what's your story?

WARNING< WARNING< WARNING< WARNING<<<< This is not a test...... Your audio site has been occupied by allians, please leave this thread now!!!!!!!!!!!

I advise all who are concrened to write Audiogon, let them sort it out.
Me, I'm just looking for sonic truth. I am just having fun avoiding life and my responsibilities in these forums. Just a student not affiliated with the audio industry at all. Happy with my just bought synergistic powercoupler and Kimber model 10 power cables. But as Blbloom so aptly points out I have gotten overly involved with this one. I shall exit this stage (probably too late) lest anyone think I am a part of this whatever it is. I take it back though, I ain't buyin one!
This is great .. anyone intersted in 10,000 fett of pump wire left over from the 80's? Maybe you guys could help me unload that stuff too.
So now that you've all got your rocks off calling each other names, has anyone who has actually tried the cables got anything clear and non-self-defensive or accusatory to say about them instead of about each other? Sorry, I was just kind of curious about the cables themselves--remember them from the first comment?
so is the cord silver, cooper or.... flat, solid core...

details please...
shameless backdoor marketing..... too savvy a crowd here for dat.
yo, angela....dat dere. we'd all love to find a product for under $50 that'll revolutionize the sound of our systems. but i'd prefer to put that same $50 towards the price of my face-to-face concert ticket (elton john/billy joel) instead of having it serve as pocket lining for shameless shills or the mixers of yet more snakeoil.
This is just getting so cute I think I'll puke now
like I said... "Ya gotta get up PRETTY early in da morning".
snooker14, I don't understand your reference. Would you mind explaining?
Well....here is what i have heard, but of course I do not have proof. What I heard was that these cords are made for hospital equipment. There are many of them out there and they do a fine job satisfying the hospital grade requirements. It just wouldn't do to shock/electrocute the patients attached to those expensive lifesaving machines, so the cords on medical machinery do have certain safety requirements above and beyond normal consumer levels. If what I heard is true, then the dealer in the add would be fibblesticking a bit saying he bought all of them just to sell to us audiophiles. Would a new label on standard hospital grade cord be something new? You know, I have no idea if this is a good cord for my audio components.....but of course that isn't at all what this thread is about anymore, is it? If I had to bet on it, I would wager a small amount on the story I just related as being closer to the truth than not. And I apologize to you Angela for the cute/puke reference for your High Five. It just reminded me too much of kids in the playground congratulating each other after they have verbally destroyed the least popular kid in class. That is my problem though, not yours. I retract my silly comment and ask forgiveness.
Snooker14, I think a new product is great, and the idea of a hospital grade cord has great potential. My personal problem is rather than putting them up for sale and get legitimate feedback like most sellers here, they concocted some scheme of one guy talking to himself under three names. This not what this site should be about. Put them up for sale Krjr, Dino and Yourmama and lets see how your feedback from trusted members goes. Just don't try this crap here, it's just plane underhanded and tough for me to trust buying from this guy. J.D.
Jadem, well said. Skullduggery indeed. And I agree the trust is the main issue. But are we sure we know all three are the same? To me it seems obvious that yamammy or whoever is an agent for the seller, if not the seller. I think Krjr, on the other hand, looks to be a regular guy stoked on his purchase. He is listed under the sellers feedback section as having purchased a cord. And he is a repeat purchaser. I so want to believe that is the case. And like I said above (way above), if that is the case THANKS FOR THE INFO Krjr! That is what this is supposed to be about. As for yammy. . .off with his head.
Your right Chris, and you did the back-up to help show that I was again jumping to conclusions. I again based it of of my inadiquate research seeing that all three are first time posters. Sorry Krjr if this was the case.
Skullduggery, I love that!
Thanks guys for clearing my name. I only had the best intentions to share an audio find...not start an audio war!!
I bought one and am very happy with the cord. I don't think anyone even noticed my post with all the flack flying around. Have a great Easter everybody.....Bluenose
I did see yours Bluenose. In that I've read and enjoyed your imput in the past it was taken as a happy costumer and with yours and Krjr having real experiences it helps me to get past the damage the two others did to themselves. Thanks for sticking up for your beliefs guys, KEEP POSTING!
As stated above, at the price it could be worth a shot, even though I'm finally happy with the cords I've got. J.D.
Thanks, J.D. That's the most important thing. That you are happy. When you're enjoying the music what more is to ask? cheers, I'll drink a toast of syrah to all at audiogon. Alas, my Leafs are going out in the first round...bluenose
Snooker, not a problem! We have had a series of posts by dealers/manufacturers posing as unassuming audiophiles only to be busted by the membership. So, maybe folks are a little sensitive to this, but I trust the noses of the people on this site above all else.
Bill Parish of GTT Audio & Video is a legitimate seller and I have posted positive feedback in the past for him. Based on this thread and previous dealings with this seller I just ordered three of the Absolute Power cords for myself. God bless.
Now that the dust has settled, may I know why, whom & how I offended in my posts here (-2 ratings on my posts). I get a lot of important information on my hobby from a-goners. If I can do a better job in my communications, pls advise after you bash...
Thanks for anyone out there
Gregm--you committed an unforgivable sin, you expressed honest curiosity about something as to which a lot of people have closed minds. So you must be a fool, a shill, or some part of a vast and unhealthy conspiracy to confuse and defraud. Notice that after 47 posts, no one LEARNED anything. Consider your bashing a purple heart secured in an unpopular war.
Nothing to do with you Greg, if you look at Chstob's other posts, you'll see he's just a jerk getting a kick out of stirring things up, without ever having anything worthwhile to say.