Absolute Sound's "Reviews"

What happened to The Absolute Sound's reviews? All I see now on their site are these lame, 2-paragraph product summaries that are absolutely useless. Or, when there is a "real" review (like the most recent Rogue amp), it's equally useless...no depth, no nothing. Has TAS just abandoned their reviews? I used to enjoy their site, but it seems to have devolved into a bunch of nothing.




  I really don’t like Fremer’s persona as a reviewer, but I have to say that I can’t assess his talent evaluating products because most of what he reviews is so pricey 

Just once I would like to read a review of a pricey piece of equipment that said that the reviewer couldn’t hear any difference between that and something far less expensive . . .


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I subscribed for years- it was nice to have around for exposure to really nice gear. The more I learned from reading about the experience of actual users (various forums) the more I began to see through the mags reviews and commentary.

One day while reading the latest issue I came across an article called “You complete Me”. It was a review of an electrical outlet with magical audio properties. The verbiage used to describe the audible improvements was unbelievable and made me realize that if these writers think that I’m that stupid I shouldn’t be supporting them. I haven’t purchased (or read) an issue since.


Yes. There's plenty of that kind of nonsense here for free.

The same company who owns TAS also own Hi-Fi + on the other side of the pond.

Hi-Fi + is one of the best magazines in the industry, with a high calibre of writing and very good reviews. TAS has really gone downhill the last few years. If you subscribe digitally like I do in recent years both magazines have been a dogs breakfast when it coves to accessing your online paid content.