Absolute Power Cords Whose heard them

Hi, has anyone heard this powercord. It sells for 49 dollars on Audiogon, but i hear its great.
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I have also been wondering about the Absolute Power Cords and had been thinking about starting a thread myself. Thanks, Kurt, for the reference to the previous threads. I just read through them for a second time--read them a couple weeks back as well. Helpful information. Do you or anyone else have any further reflections on these and how they compare with other cords? Thanks. --Scott
It depends on what you are going to use it for. I bought one thinking I would use it on my Wadia, didn't work. The base became very boomy, and I lost the sound stage (front to back and width), remember this cord has no shielding and on digital it is important to use a good shielded cable. I was going to send it back, but then tried it on my Cary amp and there was a slight improvment from the stock cord. I will keep it, good luck......Bob
I have found the Absolute PC's to be as good as any of the other PC's that I have used (which retailed in the $150-$200 price range). The cord requires approx. 200 hours of run in for the bass to extend and tighten up (just like any other PC that I have used). I on the other hand have experienced no soundstage problems when using the cords on my player's and DAC, though I did not really listen to the PC's very much when they were breaking in as they were either in a second system or running the computer. I have broken in and use three to date. In the main system I use the BMI Whale Elites (a much better PC than the Absolutes) on the digital player and DAC, but I do use an Absolute PC on an Audion 300B SET amp in this setup. I also use them in a second bedroom system and on a CDR as well. I find them to be very smooth and open sounding and again hear no problems with the sound stage which is/was very deep and wide in both systems. What they do not offer up is the full bass response of better PC's (but neither did my old $200 ones) and they are not quite as quiet or detailed. Regardless of all the hype, I think that they are a cheap cord that just got lucky and happens to sound very good.
Dave puts it in good perspective, the original add by dealer was perhaps too "enthusiastic" in praise of this cable. I am even more impressed with Absolutes performance than Dekay, one reason perhaps is because I have
all solid state Musical Fidelity gear and Dekay has some tube gear. But I have used several of the top cables at the
$150-300 retail range (HT ProAC11, Shunyata Sidewinder, Silver Audio Powerburst etc) and the Absolutes were the best. The good news is for the price of one Sidewinder I could buy enough Absolute AC cords for booth systems!

Absolutes are tricky, kind of like Analysis plus products
they sound so smooth and relaxed you are first think they are dull and you are missing something. After further listening you realize what you are missing is the leaness and grain other AC cords can produce to make an exciting sound. In my system none of the above cords could match
the Absolutes which are smooth and musical. If you are looking for a cord to make a warm/lush system sound lean and exciting this is not for you.

As Dekay mentions if you want to spend $300 or more you can get even better sound. One other benefit is Absolutes are very light and extremely flexible, easy set-up and good for
use with bearing isolation systems. The monster size cords may sound good but can be hassle to install in a rack system. Because everyone has different system and musical tastes you will get different opinions, but I think these are great for nuetral SS systems!
I have several lower priced PCs, the best being a Coincident PC that I use on my CDP. In most applications I prefer the Absolute PC over my Transparent Powerlink Plus/Super, and LAT PCs. The Absolute PC is less colored, more dynamic, and smoother sounding then the Transparent and LAT cords (120$ - 240$ ea.). They're basically cheap looking 14 ga. SJT extension cords, however they provide a tight connection at both ends... possibly the key to their performance at the price.
I use two different systems, a solid state and tube. I agree with what Megasam stated, well put!
Thanks for the backup guys. I was waiting to get my butt kicked in this thread. By the way, the three PC's that Sam mention's in his post are all one's that I have previously used, so I guess that I need to raise the ceiling of my experience to $280 (I forgot about the Sidewinder). As synergy is always at play, there was one PC that I did like better on my Musical Fidelity X-amp, which was a Stealth HAC PC (which I just sold). It made cymbals sound better and we all know that this is always a major plus. I am no longer using this amp (and may sell it as well) so sold the HAC to help cover the expense of another recent purchase.
Well Dekay, here I come: Bill and his partner carefully designed the cord. It's not luck. It's OFC, of a carefully chosen gauge and strand pattern, soldered at both ends. It does have a thin foil shield, perhaps not enough for digital applications--I can't say that. It's also UL listed. Not bad for $40. BTW, I emailed you about burning CDs w/the Absolute cord feeding my tower. Yes, the bass improves. It is noticeable...
Psychic: I did not receive your email if it was recently sent. This is the the second or third one that has not come through lately (that I am aware of). I will send you our direct email address, as this always seems to work. I hear you on the PC being specially designed, it's just that it looks exactly like another one that I have with the exception of the contacts being soldered (visible through the clear plug). I of course cannot see through the other parts. The other one (found in the computer section of a thrift shop) does not sound very good though. So, yes they are definately different.
I have an all Audio Research tube system. I switched over all the power cords in my system to Absolute Power cords. The difference has been amazing. Most cost effective tweak I've ever done. Can't say enough good things about them. Even greatly improved the sound from my Linn LP12.
I'm also using two sets of these (thanks D-K!) & can relate to Dekay's & Psychic's findings -- albeit on a totally different (full ss, now) system. However, here too, the "Absolute" is bettered by $+250 etc stuff. Also bettered by a home-grown diy cord -- which costs about $80 in parts (1,5m), and a lot of time, for me, to make.

Other than the lack of depth, space and air the Absolute sounded dirty here......The Wonderful cord which Parasound distributed for $25 ate it, was beaten by the DIY Audio's Asylum Cord which was in turn beaten by the commercial cords I build......Don't know what you folks are listening to, but your priorities must be different than mine.....
I thought it best to mention I build power cords commercially so folks can take my criticism with a grain of salt if they choose to.......I own TG Audio, CTC Builders and DDR Mfg and build all manner of wires, accessories, preamps, amps, DACs and transports......I use the TG SLVR cords here with a Rockport Capella table into CTC modified Vendetta into a CTC Blowtorch preamp into a CTC BBQ amplifier into Rockport speakers above 100hz and Entec L2f woofers below 100hz......Digital system is DDR Mfg Number Cruncher and Number Server.......I like live acoustic music recordings.......
The Absolute Power Cord was DESIGNED & ENGINEERED to perform and to do so cost effectively. No Voodoo. No fancy sheathing. That's why Chesky Records is using so many of them. My Proton AA-1150 power amp is using one and it's performing beautifully. I thought the bass would be the main improvement but it was in high frequency smoothness.

Gregm, thanks for the feedback. I really have taken a lot of of heat for defending the Absolute P/C and the Technics 1200 TT. I stay put to my position regarding both. I know my power cords are awesome. So is my 1200.
A Proton power amp and a Technic's turntable? Is this system listed in the virtual systems directory? Those products alone are not much of an endorsement in terms of quality or resolution.
That's the problem dude...

It 'has' to say 'Rega', 'British Fidelity', 'Voodoo Creations', 'Black Mamba'.

This is a cables thread; I'll just say that I got that Proton while working at an A/V store in my senior year in college. The store also sold McIntosh and I A/B'ed the 270W/ch beast ($2700 retail, year 1988) with some B&W 801s. Of course, the McIntosh sounded better. How much better? Go to the Voodoo Lounge and discuss that with your friends.

One Audiogon member, Aeneas9 was selling one of those Protons. Said in the classified that he had to replace it w/ an Audio Research in order to make the upgrade worthwhile.

The Voodoo is everywhere...and yesterday I bought an original U.S. Cavalry saddle (1942) in great shape for $75!

I am going to have a horse again, not an Audio Research.