Absolute Power Cord does the trick

The previous thread was way to long and filled with flame mail. I want to thank the guy who started it as it finally got me interested in checking out his story... Where there's smoke..., some times there's fire. I took the risk and ordered one to try. Best $40 I ever spent on audio. The damn thing simply does the job: clean quiet power, everything sounds more detailed and natural against a dark background. Go figure.
Is this a joke? The best $40 I ever spent on audio was on three remastered Van Halen CDs. Who would've thought that the quality of the recording mattered more than the equipment?

Hehe...I'm just playing with you.
if there was anyone left who didn't think your posting about this f*ing cord was a marketing ploy you've fixed that.
Well, there's some used ones already for sale if you need more: http://gonmain.iserver.net/cgi-bin/cl.pl?cablpowr&992974895&class&3&4&
I took the plunge, now selling a pair for $70... They're OK, but no giant killer.
OK, time for some details about this cable. It is 8ft length
only, 14awg and looks like a cheap heavy duty extension cord
you get at the hardware store, even comes tied in the center
like an extension cord, looks like a $39 cable. Looks can be deceiving however.

You discover right away the molded female IEC is high quality as it grips much tighter than cords that come stock. Like all cables burn-in is required, at first sounding slightly bright and grainy. After 3-4 days sound blossoms, providing smooth, detailed sound, quite natural sounding which is amazing for a cable at this price level.

How good is it? I feel it is an exaggeration to say it equals the $1-2,000 cables, but it is very good. I would say it sounds as good as the best cables in the $250-500
range, quite an acheivement. To me clearly better than say
a HT ProAC11, and close to equaling the excellent
Shunyata Sidewinder at fraction of the cost. As with any cable some will like it and some won't depending on your system and musical taste. My system can be viewed in virtual
systems under "musical fidelity nirvana"

In summary we should thank member KrJr for bringing this excellent bargain to our attention, I can second his recommendation, and urge other members to give them a try
for $39 each, add currently listed under cables/power in the dealer section, GTT Audio. It is refreshing to get good performance at a very reasonable price in this often overpriced area of product.
The only other good deal in power cords I know of are on eBay. The MAS Power Master (+/- $50) and the Audio One Reference Power Cord (+/- $75) made by Stu Wein at AudioParts@aol.com --- They can also be purchase directly from Stu.
Stu's cables were reviewed favorably in Stereophile when he was still in busiess full time. He made the digital cable that came with the original Wadia DAC.
I too was curious about this inexpensive cable, I've
had mine for three days now hooked up to my resolution
cd-55 and I can honestly say it did make a difference,
which I am still trying to figure out and understand?
Mike Vansevers admits on his web site he does not use the best materials (ie, most expensive) available for his power cords. He uses the materials that sound the best after extensive listening. Maybe the reason these Absolute cords are so good and so cheap is one of those accidents of history. Giant killers and near giant killers are not made, they are born.
I have pump wire for sale ... $40 per 8' pair!! I say it's good, so it must be worth it!!!
Jeez guys, if the damned cord was $500 there would be no debate, and you'd likely happily line up to buy it. A genuine value product comes along too infrequently, enjoy it! Jeff
Thanks megasam for being more articulate than me. I have only one other after market power cord to compare this one to. After experimenting, I've kept the other cord on the CD player as its a bit... sweeter (is it the wattgate plugs)? I ended up using this absolute cord on the pre-amp for best use in my system. Going from stock cords to this was a big jump, cleaned up the hash, darkened the background -- what the heck else is a pc supposed to do? To the trigger happy posters, go listen to your van halen.
This was easily the best $40 I have ever spent on an audio product.

It has been implied on another thread that hospital grade power cords are all the same. Does anyone have any personal experience that can comment on this assertion? I would assume if this were true there would not be a very big market for more expensive cords.

I am really looking forward to my next listening session.

God bless.
Sam describes the cords as being 8 ft. in length while Estrnad's ad for them says 6 ft. long. Then someone else states that the current "production" cord no longer has the "green dot" hospital grade wall plug on it ? On top of this, the price has now gone up $10. I would LOVE to hear from someone that gets their cord early next week or has just gotten one to confirm what the "straight dope" is. Sean