Absolute Power Cord

I have seen all the posts but are they ANY good or just some wire from Home Depot with soldered ends?

Help is appreciated!

Also, if you don't like these which should I buy?
They are what they are... an excellent $50 power cord. Certainly they are better than the stock cords that are shipped with most equipment, but they are not the "Holy Grail".

For lower priced power cables, I would recommend the Jena Labs Power Cable and if you have the money, another recommendation would be the Shunyata Python.
jtwrace: i'm afraid i must equivocate on your second query by noting that there are simply too many choices to know what will work best on any particular component in your unique system, which a fortiori comprises, in part, your listening room. your first question, tho, may confidently be answered "yes." -cfb
The wire is oxygen free copper; the cable has been carefully designed and engineered to perform and at the same time be cost effective. Chesky Records bought something like 30 sets for their recording studio...

For $50 I'm sure you'll find some use for it in your system. It will enable comparison when some Voodoo dealer tries to sell you 'magic'. I have three sets.

Bill Parish knows his high end. He's an extremely pleasant gentleman and has become my friend over the web and phone. Talk to him and find out for yourself.