Absolute Phasing

I just purchased a B&K EX-442 Sonata Series amplifier and I am attempting to find if this amp is non-inverting or inverting. My search for the manual online was not successful. I am requesting assistance on this. Thanks. 
It doesn’t matter because the sub’s driver is not on the same plane as the main speakers, therefore, the phase alignment is already off due to physical placement. This is one of the reasons that a lot of higher quality subs have the ability to adjust phase.  
Unfortunately I don’t have a manual for this puppy but I do have a spec sheet if you need that.

I have been looking for one but haven’t had much luck.

If I may ask, where and how much did you steal this gem of a amp?
I bought it on Ebay for $643.00. I was currently looking for a Bryston but when I spotted this one I jumped on it!
Lucky you. Wondering if you got XLR connections and , Toshiba or Hitachi Mosfets....

...Anyways, I thought this was a wonderfully warm sounding AB amp with enough power to drive anything in front.

I have its companion pro10 MC collecting dust these says.

Congrats and Enjoy :-)
Hello,  @recluse, Have you had any luck on finding the manual for this B&K EX-442 Sonata Series amplifier? I attempted searching with no success. 

Any other Audiogon members your input is most welcome. 👍