Absolute Phasing

I just purchased a B&K EX-442 Sonata Series amplifier and I am attempting to find if this amp is non-inverting or inverting. My search for the manual online was not successful. I am requesting assistance on this. Thanks. 
It matters if you have sub woofers attached to the same Pre Amp.
The main speakers could be potentially out of phase with the Subs.

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try it both ways... go with the one with better bass response
This involves listening. People start doing that, next thing you know they're talking about what they're actually hearing. This is an audiophile site. Let's keep it theoretical, okay?

My man millercarbon! You have a way with words. Sarcastic, blunt but to the point. 👍 Thank you all for your responses. 
It doesn’t matter because the sub’s driver is not on the same plane as the main speakers, therefore, the phase alignment is already off due to physical placement. This is one of the reasons that a lot of higher quality subs have the ability to adjust phase.  
Unfortunately I don’t have a manual for this puppy but I do have a spec sheet if you need that.

I have been looking for one but haven’t had much luck.

If I may ask, where and how much did you steal this gem of a amp?