absolute best component you ever owned

I am sure we all have a truely favorite component, be it speakers, amp, TT, listening chair, etc. What are your favorites?
I'll start my current speaker's though not the best, the best I have ever owned Avalon Acoustic Eclipse.
Maggie MG-20, CJ ART....
Oracle Delphi IV turntable, with SME/Oracle 345 arm. Close second is my BAT VK30 preamp
My Genesis 200 speakers - heaven!
my Spectral SDR3000 transport......so much detail from conventional cds with tremendous musicality......wow!
Long ago I owned a Brazilian Rosewood Sota Star Saphire Turntable with a Sumiko Studio Arm and a Madrigal Carnagie One Cartridge. That was the absolute best component that I ever owned. It was the most musical. I have nice equipment now, but when I owned the Sota I had the time to enjoy it. Maybe that is why it stands out in my mind
My Dynavector 507 tonearm.....a tour de force in audio design. My Audible Illusions Modulus 3.....have not found anything that can replace it.
My Stax Lamba Pro 3 earspeakers and matching Class A amp/preamp and world class CD transport.
WOW! what a great response so far keep'em coming :)Tim
My Rogue Audio 99 preamp with phono stage.Has Telefunken,G.E. and Radiotechnique's stuffed in it.Nothing under $4000 can touch it!
my vpi hp-17f record cleaner is the only "component" i've had in my system for more that 10 years. since i've no plans to replace it, i guess it may be the best. my second choice is my pair of avalon eidolon speakers. not only do they reproduce music wonderfully but they are drop-dead gorgeous in their skins of myrtle burl.
TacT 2.0 Room Correction System. It wasn't the Marantz SA-1
(although that is a close 2nd). It wasn't the PS-300 (admittedly a significant improvement) or even the Magnepan 3.6R speakers which I love to listen to. The TacT made the rest of my system play music that sounds like live music. What more could you ask for?
Infinity RS-1's with proper frontend. I just bought another pair this weekend. I had these several years ago and sold them off. MISTAKE! Although 15+ years old now, this will compare to most $25,000-$35,000 speakers of today if you set 'em up with the right stuff. Although I have a complete 2 channel system in another room, I'm going to attempt to make these RS1's my mains on HT, with an eye towards the best two-channel reproduction as well.

Listening to these today just feels like coming home!

......it's a toss-up between my McCormack DNA-2DX amp and Levinson 360S DAC. These are each incredibly musical pieces of equipment, and along with a Levinson 37 Transport, are going to be permanent pieces in my system. Craig.
craig: i might make book on the last clause of your post. permanent? cmon', you're gonna replace all your stuff eventually, unless you lose your interest, your livelihood or your heartbeat. you're an audiophile! (and i mean that in a nicest possible way.) ;~) -kelly
The only thing that remains a constant in my system are my Target Beta equipment stands. Never felt the need to upgrade or replace 'em!
My Dahlquist DQM9's which I have had for 15 years and they still blow away many newer brand speakers.
I write this with out any reservation to this day I have listened to a few speakers, as we all have, I'm sure. However, the SILVERLINE SONATA'S MKll are just INCREDIBLE,
the IMAGING and the RANGE of these speakers are just AMAZING.
From the Bottom all the way through to the top, these speakers will surprise you for the price. I have not heard another speaker in the same price range and up to $15000.00 that comes close. If you know of one, please let me know, I would live to hear it. Like after a great meal, there is always room for dessert!
My JSE Infinite Slope speakers. I had them for 12 years. They were just great. I tried the Joseph Audio's after them, because they use the same patent. Not even close.
Sonus Faber Extrema speakers with a Rel sub. Farouja dvd player. It may not be progressive scan but the sound quality is simply amazing.
My Revel Ultima system (salons, voice & embrace) then it would be Levinson 436 amps I have three of them, then it would have to be the Meridian 568.

My apogee STAGEs, still have one of the most natural midranges I've heard. These are very satisfying.
Avalon Eidolon's then the Accuphase DP 75V then the FIM Gold cables then PS Audio 300 and last the ARC VT 200.
Avalon Eidolon and Spectral DMA 360
Eidolons!!! It will be a long time coming before these beauties are replaced. All the best, Tom
In this order Accuphase DP75V, Accuphase DG28 equalizer - couldn't live without it, Avalon Opus - and thebest thing is they are all in my current system
My Jadis JP80MC preamp and JA80 amps, each with Andy Bouwman's Romantic Era treatment. I've had each of them over 8 years and have pretty much built my system around them. Extraordinarily natural.
...as it's the only component that I still have after 12 years, which is when I started in this insane hobby. Everything else has changed several times. Close runner up is my Magnepan MMG's...they WILL be upgraded to 12's or 1.6s eventually, but these are insanely great $500.00 speakers.
I agree with Mp10019, the Silverline Sonatas are the best speaker's I have ever owned and compare well with the JMLab Utopias at $30000.
My corkscrew. Used liberally prior to and during listening sessions, it enhances the sound of any type of music or equipment .

My opinionion, for worth it's what.
Hi Kelly; No bets here. I'll just add that the McCormack goes to SMC for full upgrade in March, the 360S DAC is fully upgradable, and the 37 Transport, besides sounding great, has permanent disc/track programming-- a feature I'd hate to be without. In fact, I'm even considering a 2nd ML 37 while they're still available:>) Cheers. Craig.
Atma-Sphere MP-3 preamplifier, phenomenal (no exageration). Soon to be MP-1.
Hi Massvm I would rather use an ah-soo to remove my corks, this way I do not pierce the cork. An ah-soo is the tool with two prongs that slides between the bottle and the cork and then you wiggle it and pull and then the cork comes out, but there is nothing wrong with a corkscrew either. Enjoy! Tim
Tireguy: You mean he wasn't talking about cleaning his ears with the corkscrew????????????????
Long lost 16 year old ears...
My Cabasse Atlantis speakers. They retailed for $89,000. and were amazingly realistic, but alas, their size nearly caused me a divorce. Mt CJ Premier 8xs and Premier 16LS are the best amp/preamp combo I have ever heard!
Ah-soo, the "Ah-soo"!

You were nice enough to provide the thread and the advice on the "Ah-soo" Tireguy, and all I did was wax (that one is for you RC) sardonic. Writing a wrong ... my current amp, Rowland 8TiHC.

My opinion, for what it's worth.
Hey Tireguy gullible is writen on the ceiling, "where?"
I had a Mod 3 from Audible Illusions and sold it. What was I thinking? I have a pair of Meadowlark kestrals that will never leave my domain. (never say never) Good listening!
My old Nakamichi Dragon cassette deck (wich I still own) and my custom Amp hand-built by Hiroshi Cheana from when I lived in Japan for 6 years, oops, almost forgot, maybe my pair of Stax Lambda pro headphones!
My speakers are Coincident Digital Master w/Troubass subwoofers. A model no longer manufactured by the company. Analogous to Wilson Watt/Puppies or Verity speakers. Sort of pyramidal satellites, which use the subs as stands. Done up all in black, they remind me of Darth Vader. Tall, elegant, powerful. The shape was a bear to produce. Now they make old fashioned rectangular boxes. Smooth, liquid, deep, and detailed. A product that falls on the VERY short list of products that will stand the test of time. One day I will upgrade them with world class internals(instead of just very good). But, it will be a LONG time before they come out of my system.
This made me think about about several outstanding componets I've owned. Maybe, my response is going away from the main theme, but I've got to give this award to my VPI 17F record cleaning machine. Ten years, >6000 records and it is still delivering great sound improvements.
My Electrovoice Sentry II studio monitors. Sadly rotated out of service because they were Too Big. Other speakers reproduce her voice very impressively, but you gotta understand, the singer is really inside these speakers--singing through the grille fabric--that's really her behind that curtain! Agh, words fail me.
sound lab speakers
Tube Research Labs amps/pre-amps.
The rug I hung about 2.5" out from the back wall of my room that got in-room frequency response to within +/- .5dB from 1kHz up. At $150 including hardware, it's the cheapest component of the system, best improvement I ever made.

You can take my speakers... Just leave my rug! :)

Tivo, (TV personal recorder). I own about $30,000.00 worth of audio equipment. For $500 (300 for unit, 200 for lifetime service)Tivo is definitely the best bang for the buck. Any quests that spend anytime using my Tivo are hooked and go buy one. Tivo is my favorite piece, keep in mind I have pre-amps that cost $5000, but enjoy how much time Tivo saves me. You will never say the words "Darn, nothing good on TV today" Once you can pause live tv, or better yet, rewind live tv, you will never want to go without that ability. I've watched tv for 1 yr now with Tivo and have never had to watched a commercial yet !!! I can watch a football game in about 1.5 hrs. This is truly an amazing product who time has come. If you have never heard of personal recorders, check into it, you'll be glad you did.

Here are the best components I ever owned. And in fact, I still own them. One of them being my Nakamichi BX-300 Cassette Deck (which is 14 years old now, and STILL in immaculate condition too. It was one of the last "affordable three motor, direct-drive decks" EVER made.... only the Nakamichi CR-4A (the LAST affordable three motor, direct-drive deck) followed after my BX-300 was discontinued. And might I add that it is still one of the decks that can go from 20Hz. to 20,000Hz. in frequency response. A figure that most newer decks STILL can't match today (and most other decks from its era either for that matter), aside from the TOL Sony ES deck. How many other decks besides other Naks and the mentioned Sony ES deck can do that?? Not many.....). Then it is my Magnum Dynalab FT-101 Tuner. I cannot say enough about my tuner. This thing pulls in stations I never knew existed, and definitely stations that any of my previous receivers or tuners could NOT pull in before. And in addition to its station pulling power, it sound great on top of that. Easily one of the best audio acquisitions I have made in the last few years. My Sennheiser HD-580 Headphones come in after that. When you cannot listen to speakers, these cans are the next best thing. Though, I would be curious as to how good the newer Sennheiser HD-600's sound. Those are the best components that I have owned and still own right now.

Oh, by the way..... my Adcom GFP-750 Preamplifier deserves honorable mention. To do better than the Adcom GFP-750 right now, then I have to look at investing in a Mark Levinson No. 380 or a No. 380S. And to do that, we're talking about a lot of moolah here. No thanks. My Adcom will do JUST fine.

That seems to be it right about now, Tireguy. :-)

I changed my mine, its my Tivo digital recorder. I cound live without the Stax earspeakers but not the TIVO recorder. Its GREAT. If u dont have one u dont know what u are missing!
Roksan Xerxes X turntable.

IMO,there is no better source component made.